Enable your Workforce and Collaborate at the Edge with AVEVA Edge 2020

Posted: June 17, 2020

This year has presented challenges to traditional ways of working, including an increased focus on workforce safety and enablement that necessitates the need to access, control and manage applications from remote locations. We have also seen the need to bring information from the edge, HMI, and SCADA layers of control systems to the employees who most need them, wherever they are, on any device.

Designed to ensure confidence and collaboration for your operations for 2020

AVEVA Edge, formerly InTouch Edge HMI launched in June 2020, is the evolution of two decades of refinement in a powerful SCADA/HMI software. AVEVA’s Edge to Enterprise strategy, with AVEVA Edge as a key offer, empowers industrial and infrastructure operations from remote fleets of edge devices, to plant floor control all the way to enterprise operations..

Learn more about AVEVA Edge 2020 from our Edge Product Manager, Scott Kortier.

Two key themes that AVEVA Edge 2020 focuses on include workforce enablement and standardization. This release introduces Edge Management for remote lifecycle management of edge fleet applications that improves your team’s remote collaboration experience. Additionally, we recognize the value of standardization, with Industrial Graphics integration for improved interoperability within the AVEVA portfolio bringing in the ‘Build Once, Deploy Anywhere’ philosophy of AVEVA Edge.

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New in AVEVA Edge 2020

  • Integrated Industrial Graphics - Edit and/or import Industrial Graphics and integrate them with AVEVA™ Edge. (Industrial Graphics are your set of display graphics that you can share share across the HMI/SCADA offers from AVEVA)
  • Updated development environment – A modern and improved development environment increases productivity and offers users an intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • Mobile Access Client Improvements - New interfaces are supported for Mobile Access Thin Clients (HTML5) including a Trend Start Date/Time and Duration, and E-Sign.
  • MQTT SparkplugB Publisher – Enhancements in the MQTT interface enable AVEVA Edge to publish data according to the MQTT SparkplugB standards.
  • Edge Management: Cloud-based provisioning of AVEVA Edge SCADA and AVEVA Edge IoT View is now supported, along with the Edge Management Services portal in AVEVA Connect, which enables users to pair edge devices running AVEVA Edge and remotely monitor device health or update applications.

The Right licensing options

AVEVA offers a wide array of licensing options so that you can choose the solutions that make sense to you. AVEVA Flex is offered with subscription-based licensing through AVEVA Flex. Perpetual licenses based on tags or unlimited tags and thin clients is also available. Only users who provision AVEVA Edge with Flex credits have access to the Edge Management portal in AVEVA Connect, which allows users to register edge devices to the cloud and remotely manage applications. Whether you start at the edge or develop a full enterprise SCADA, AVEVA has the right licensing options for you.

Getting Started with AVEVA Edge

Want to get started with AVEVA Edge? You can try the software yourself or speak to your local AVEVA sales representative. Visit the AVEVA Edge page to download a trial version of the software or view a live online demo.


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