Equipment Model Integration Accelerates Engineering Efficiency for AVEVA™ E3D Design Users

The AVEVA and CADENAS partnership transforms engineering processes by accelerating the detailed design phase of capital projects and catalyzing the development of Engineering Digital Twins, and it’s available now for AVEVA E3D Design customers to use, free of charge. says Amish Sabharwal, EVP, Engineering Business at AVEVA.

A core tenet of AVEVA’s Engineering strategy is to digitally transform engineering by improving collaboration, increasing efficiency, breaking down silos, and ultimately creating a data-centric unified engineering environment. And I’m excited to share that our latest partnership with CADENAS will further accelerate and streamline the mechanical engineering work process by integrating Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) vendors CAD models into AVEVA’s Unified Engineering Platform.

CADENAS is a leading player in the supply of mechanical CAD libraries with 70% of the top 50 manufacturers relying on CADENAS as a CAD catalog solution, according to their CEO, Jürgen Heimbach. Jürgen further points out that when you are building a digital asset, it is essential to bring mechanical equipment from OEM vendors into plant design solutions. Unfortunately, this process often includes error-prone manual steps, and a study by Construction Industry Institute (CII) reports that engineering errors are a high contributor to cost escalations and schedule delays on capital projects – a finding rarely, if ever, disputed in the industry.

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But through tight integration between the market-leading AVEVA E3D Design solution and CADENAS vast library of manufacturer-verified equipment models, customers can be confident that they are getting it right from the start. The combined offering significantly accelerates the detailed design phase of capital projects and the development of the Engineering Digital Twin. It also helps engineers to reduce the risk of human errors and enhance design accuracy and quality by incorporating verified, pre-modeled mechanical equipment into customers’ E3D Design environment in a matter of mere seconds.

The free, add-on AVEVA E3D Design functionality – called 3DfindIt – is powered by CADENAS and enables designers to simply drop in pre-modeled mechanical equipment into their AVEVA E3D Design environment. CADENAS revolutionizes engineering modeled equipment through an automated process directly to AVEVA E3D Design – a smooth integration between equipment manufacturers and 3D design tools available on the market today.

The name of the game in today’s capital projects industry is breaking down silos between engineering disciplines, work processes, and organizations with the power of digitalization. Together with CADENAS, AVEVA will deliver a further streamlined 3D engineering and design user experience that unifies mechanical equipment manufacturers with the mechanical engineers who model industrial plants and marine vessels – without any added cost to our customers.

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