Fattening margins in the refinery with AVEVA Offsites Management: AMADAS

Posted: February 09, 2022

Small things can make a big difference between a profitable refinery and one that just breaks even or even loses money. Factors that can thin profit margins include value giveaways, reprocessing, accounting errors, or analyzers that constantly need expensive resources to calibrate and service.

You can pad those profit margins when know, in real time, how your analyzers are performing and when you can certify that customers are receiving exactly the blend they’re paying for. Fatter margins are the result of clear, reliable data that can be analyzed, verified, and acted on. You can also reduce your product cost and get returns faster while you improve customer satisfaction.

Can you trust your information?

You likely already have access to most of the information you need to make operational decisions but may lack the resources to automate the collection and analysis of it. More importantly, you may not be able to rely on your analyzer data when you need it most if you can’t verify it.

Being able to trust your information is the first step to bigger profit margins. When you can rely on your analyzer results, you have the power to make decisions that directly impact your bottom line.

Fortunately, there are tools that can help you automate analyzer tests and validate the results so you can stay agile and make decisions that improve your own operations, your customer satisfaction, and facilitate regulatory compliance.

Spend less time on analyzer validation, and more time acting on information

AMADAS (Analyzer management and data acquisition system) is a part of AVEVA Offsites Management solution that can be integrated with Offsites Management or used independently for analyzer validation. AMADAS gives you the toolset you need to automate your analyzer operations, store the data, analyze it, make sure it’s accurate, and share the results through human interfaces.

Software solutions don’t provide a path to profitability alone—that’s where people matter. Your teams and how well they can collaborate, share information, and how empowered they are to act on it are the true key to profits at a refinery. The most powerful result of AMADAS is that it can reduce the time your people spend setting up validation tests, validating data, and servicing your analyzers.

When you have information that you can trust, your teams have the confidence they need to take actions that reduce giveaway or allow them to proactively calibrate and service analyzers. This trust also extends to your customers when they know that you’re able to certify your product. AMADAS’ auditable data repository and the addition of applicable EPA and EU guidelines for waiver applications also help make sure you present regulatory agencies with reliable, verified information. 

Bigger margins with fewer resources

AMADAS provides the foundation your people need to make the subtle changes that affect profitability the most. Automating tests and analyses gives your operations team insight into how analyzers are performing and provide them a wealth of current and historical data that can be used to benchmark performance or create optimal blends.

AMADAS also provides powerful human interfaces that you can share across the refinery, or even with customers. Your operations team doesn’t need to be developers to create intuitive dashboards using drag and drop widgets from the widget library, and they don’t need to be data scientists to automate statistical analyses of analyzer performance.

Using the right tools, you can fatten your profit margins by helping your people make the best use of their time and giving them the confidence and power to act on information that they can easily understand and interpret—and more importantly—that they can trust

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