Information needs know-how—Make operational learning part of your digital infrastructure

Posted: October 11, 2023

If your organization is like others, it’s collecting more and more information to help optimize processes. However, that information is only helpful if your team members know how to access it, share it and use it to collaborate across all levels of your organization.

Empowering your employees and operators with the correct know-how is just as important as having a robust digital infrastructure in place. Only then can they use that digital infrastructure as efficiently and effectively as possible.

That’s why your digital infrastructure needs to include innovative learning tools. For example, you can empower staff with both video- and text-based lessons that they can utilize on the plant floor—not just in a separate training room. Such easy access to training lets them develop skills on the job at their own pace and get the experience they need to continue optimizing their performance. Holistically integrating your operations control with workforce education will let you scale work processes more efficiently and keep your workforce up to date with the continuously changing market.

Of course, you’ll always have knowledge gaps as newer, less experienced employees enter your organization. But, you can overcome these more effectively by giving new staff learning tools that let them collaborate with experienced coworkers.

By making the education of new team members an integral part of your holistic approach to operations, you’ll reduce time to value and limit the impacts of workforce turnover. Faster internal coordination and understanding will keep knowledge up to date, reduce human error, and create better operational awareness throughout your organization.

When operators see the big picture and can collaborate across the organization in real time, they can manage operations as a cohesive whole. That holistic approach is what creates the well-connected workforce that is so crucial to managing every operations line in this continuously changing market.

Learn more about holistic operations control and how integrated learning and collaboration tools are transforming HMI and SCADARead the white paper. 

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