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Best practices for network security using DMZ SecureLink

Posted: March 16, 2020

Digital transformation, industrial internet of things (IIoT), mobility, cloud computing... combined these trends mean we are in an unprecedented change curve, particularly in industry. While this provides many opportunities for increasing business value, it also comes with challenges. The largest challenge that most recognize relates to cybersecurity, and how to securely bridge the IT/OT divide, i.e. the gap between corporate and operational networks.

At AVEVA we take your digital trust and security seriously, and that is why we continue to invest in this area... including tools to help your IT group become more accepting of cloud solutions, and more confident in connection methods to them.

Take AVEVA Insight for example - our cloud-based solution for industrial operations.

While Insight takes care of securing your data up in the cloud, both in-motion and at-rest, there can be additional measures involved depending on the mix of corporate networks, control networks, DMZ's etc. Addressing security in some of these scenarios can be difficult, time consuming and expensive.

Enter DMZ SecureLink - a component of Insight aimed squarely simplifying the task of securing communications, as explained in this video by Elliott Middleton from the Insight team.

We offer a public demo and a free, 45-day trial of AVEVA Insight so you can see how you can drive operational continuity in your business quickly and easily. No coding, or expensive projects required. Try AVEVA Insight for free.

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