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From everyday living to industrial operations and production, it goes without saying that water is an essential part of life. With 71% of the earth's surface covered in water, its essential nature remains undisputed. Water and water assets are vital components of productivity in industries across different sectors. Water utilities and water network operators have a very simple mission: Deliver safe and reliable water service to their customers. However, like most industries, the water and wastewater sectors are facing diverse challenges such as an ageing workforce, ageing infrastructures, ever increasing government regulations and competition for diminishing investment capital.

Technology developments like the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and big data analytics can provide the tools to tackle the issues faced by the water and wastewater sector. However, a well thought out implementation plan is needed to assure this digital transformation does not lead to siloed software systems that could worsen the problems it intends to solve. The lack or improper integration of several third-party and home-grown systems often lead to lack of enterprise visibility and inefficient decision making, particularly when abnormal situations occur. The situation worsens as infrastructure continues to age, experienced work force retires or changes roles, and specialized applications to operate water and wastewater facilities become more complex. This increasing complexity and variety of software and hardware and a changing workforce makes it imperative to have a reliable single version of the truth.

This is where AVEVA’s solutions could help your organization take the next step in digitally transforming the way your do business while achieving operational excellence and maximizing your ROI. Built on mission-critical industrial applications, proven technologies, and decades-long experience in enterprise-wide integration, AVEVA’s software portfolio is a perfect fit for water and wastewater organizations, regardless of where they are in the digital transformation journey. AVEVA provides customers with unmatched functionality in connectivity, data modeling, redundancy, resiliency, and scalability.

In particular, the AVEVA Unified Operations Center is the foundation for real-time operational performance management for water and wastewater organizations, providing closed-loop enterprise-wide visibility to optimize assets and operations. Based on a “System of Systems” approach, AVEVA’S UOC allows the integration of out-of-the box water industry solution templates, reports, dashboards and operational KPIs into a single platform. The addition of predictive analytics, big data and augmented reality tools enable the transformation of traditional HMI and SCADA applications into the ideal convergence of Operational and Informational Technology.

The AVEVA UOC solution is an innovative approach to digitally transform water and wastewater operations while optimizing the business process by making old manual operations more automated and shared. This transformative integration approach combining technology, process, people, sites and assets offer the following main features:

Actionable: AVEVA does not only show you the data, but it allows you to act from the same platform faster and more efficiently.
Agnostic: AVEVA is hardware and software agnostic allowing us to integrate with any major tools, technology provider and incumbent player. There is no need to rip and replace.
Universal: AVEVA’s flexible architecture, technology and business model allows us entry at any point of your digitalization journey.
Transparent and Collaborative: Full visibility of data and situational awareness. Everyone working together on a single version of the truth.

AVEVA UOC solution is tailored to suit the specific needs and demands of your water and wastewater operations. By trusting AVEVA with the transformation process to take your water operations to the next level, you can achieve the following benefits:


Operational Improvements: Real time operation visibility and integration, Asset Management, spare parts, staff and Up to $1 million annual savings
Carbon Footprint Reductions: Water process optimization, Integration with real time calendars for un-utilized areas and equipment
Predictive Diagnostic for Rotating Equipment: Predictive failure warning and fault diagnostic, Asset Investment planning, Up to $100K savings per failure predicted, 10% annual savings
Customer Satisfaction Improvement: Enhanced reporting and feedback, Improved response time to critical issues, Faster service restoration after a failure
Asset Utilization: Centralized asset performance monitoring, Up to $150K reduction in operational costs
Operation Training Improvement: Enhanced operational efficiency of new workforce, Upskill workforce, Average ROI 12-18 months

AVEVA’s system of systems approach and its Unified Operations Center solution help water and wastewater utilities to achieve operational excellence and obtain the fastest and highest ROI, while navigating the challenges of an ageing workforce, ageing infrastructures, ever increasing government regulations and competition for diminishing investment capital and scarce natural resources.

AVEVA is helping the Water and Wastewater industry reach operational excellence, become more resilient and more agile while achieving its sustainability goals. Visit our website to start your digital transformation journey.

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