Safer SCADA/HMI Application Deployment with AVEVA Edge

When developing SCADA and HMI applications for deployment, it is critical to utilize best practices for security. This is particularly important for applications that may be exposed to the web or other networks.

We strongly encourage you to implement more secure deployment practices, as well as other security measures such as ensuring that your version of AVEVA Edge is the most recent version. The current version of AVEVA Edge will include patches for all known vulnerabilities.

Security Settings - For all projects, we recommend you enable the project security system and set a password for the default Guest user, regardless of any other users or groups you create. We also recommend you enable security in the Remote Agent, if the project is running remotely.

In the Security System settings, there is an option to have a “Main Password” that protects the entire security system.This Main Password is disabled by default and the user can configure it anytime on the Development Environment. We highly recommend creating a Main Password for all projects.

Additional Safety Measures:

  • Consider running your project on a private network that is logically separated from the Internet.
  • If you cannot run your project on a private network, configure your network gateway to block ports 1234 and 51234 and then use Mobile Access or Web Tunneling Gateway to control access to your project.
  • If you cannot block these ports, it is imperative to configure strong security settings for users and guests, with strong passwords.

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