Stronger together with data: Leveraging the power of industrial data for sustainable growth

Posted: April 16, 2023

“Sharing industrial data with internal and external partners enables teams to work together on the most critical value and sustainability challenges,” says Rob McGreevy, Chief Product Officer, AVEVA, ahead of Hannover Messe 2023

In an increasingly competitive business environment, sustainability has become a key driver of success. Prioritizing sustainability enables industrial companies to create value for their stakeholders while improving environmental performance. Some of the most innovative enterprises on the planet are working with AVEVA to leverage a new class of industrial intelligence technologies for impressive outcomes. Visitors to Hannover Messe 2023 will be able to see how it is done firsthand.

AVEVA will join Microsoft and Schneider Electric at the world’s premier trade fair for industry, held from April 17 to 21 2023 in Germany, to present how well-managed industrial information can drive agility, efficiency and sustainability in energy, manufacturing and beyond.

Collaboration in the cloud

Industrial intelligence-as-a-service (IIaaS) is at the heart of this revolutionary approach.

The cloud-enabled technology enables remote and cross-site teams to securely share real-time data and analytics together, in context, on a single digital platform. AVEVA’s portfolio of data-led software solutions, built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, is already empowering industrial businesses around the world to tackle complex challenges—such as the climate crisis and the ongoing effects of the pandemic—while taking advantage of sustainable solutions at scale.

The two partners are working together to combine the power of artificial intelligence (AI), digital twins, big data, sector-specific analytics and human insight with the scale, breadth and flexibility of the cloud. By integrating dispersed, diverse data sets across individual and partners’ business operations into a single digital backbone, companies can collaborate and innovate in real time. This allows them to receive trusted insights to support quick decisions that drive operating efficiencies and environmental gains.

Our secure, agnostic products offer better agility through the cloud. It allows enterprises to consume and share industrial data with internal and external partners, driving transformative outcomes across the entire ecosystem. AVEVA and Microsoft will present the latest solutions for industrial enterprises at Hannover Messe.

Real-world industrial success stories

Among our real-world success stories from across the industrial spectrum are:

  • Manufacturing: How IGI Wax achieved a US$10M increase in annual incremental profit, with millions of kilos saved in materials and waste. The Canadian producer of waxes and coatings streamlined data-sharing with AI SaaS vendor Lityx, with the help of a suite of solutions that included AVEVA™ PI System™, AVEVA™ Data Hub (built on Azure) and Lityx’s AutoML platform. By providing precise, real-time lab and refinery data to the machine-learning tool, IGI Wax generated insights that yielded impressive resource gains and revenue savings. In turn, the stage was set for many future advanced analytics and machine-learning projects.
  • Infrastructure: How Gwinnett County, Georgia, boosted clean water delivery by 20%. The county’s Department of Water Resources (DWR) optimized its daily production of 70 million gallons of water, steadily meeting the drinking water needs of more than one million residents at a time when climate change is increasing water insecurity. How did it achieve this? DWR has a unified view of half a million data points from multiple sites, including water production plants, distribution and transmission networks, and hundreds of water collection points. DWR officials from the plant floor to the top floor use AVEVA solutions, including AVEVA™ Unified Operations Center and AVEVA™ Insight, in the Microsoft cloud. The applications create a central nervous system for the enterprise, improving efficiency and optimizing performance. By identifying maintenance needs and demand peaks well in advance, the DWR is reducing downtime and cutting costs.
  • Energy: How ENEL optimized performance across 20GW and 1275 assets of power generation for faster, more impactful decision-making. The world’s largest player in renewables operates over 1,200 power plants and operations in 21 countries. However, with expanding infrastructure comes the need to improve how to manage and collect growing data volumes. Thanks to two cloud-based solutions, AVEVA Data Hub and Edge Data Store, as well as AVEVA PI System, ENEL fully integrated all its data streams with AI-infused analytics for a complete overview of its plant performance. It eliminated data silos and recovered data gaps to accelerate decision-making and drive efficiencies throughout its business and broader network. In addition, the energy leader can also predict asset failures and ensure steady power supplies. It is now headed toward achieving a fully autonomous plant.

Repeatable, scalable and adaptable

These are just a few of the outcomes that industrial players have achieved using IIaaS solutions from AVEVA and Microsoft. In fact, the connected industrial ecosystem has applications for every business sector, from consumer packaged goods and pharmaceuticals to energy and infrastructure.

With repeatable, scalable, and adaptable solutions, AVEVA and Microsoft enable industrial companies to share industrial data for enhanced resilience and agility, better performance, and a lower carbon footprint. Organizations deploying these combined solutions can now cut project implementation times by up to 60% when compared to the bespoke executions—and that’s all thanks to the power of data and AI in the cloud.

Find out how the connected industrial economy can help your business. If you’re at Hannover Messe, visit AVEVA at the Microsoft booth, pod #12 in hall 17.

Or meet us at the Schneider Electric booth (C46 in Hall 11) for a closer look at some of our powered-by-AI solutions.

Find out more about how AVEVA and Microsoft are collaborating to drive efficiency and sustainability gains in the industrial sector by reading about our global partnership.

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