Three reasons you should upgrade to AVEVA Operations Control

Posted: August 22, 2022

You want your teams operating at their fullest potential. AVEVA™ Operations Control brings you the control monitoring software you need give your users actionable information they can trust to make better decisions in real-time as you built toward increased operational efficiency, reliability, and agility.

Here are three reasons to upgrade your existing AVEVA™ InTouch HMI, AVEVA™ System Platform, or AVEVA™ Plant SCADA to AVEVA Operations Control:

  1. Easy to build - commissioning and development in the cloud

    One of the biggest challenges in industrial operations is the inherent complexity (and cost) of designing, engineering and maintaining operations control applications. Many of today’s systems can become complex, with domain knowledge spread across multiple control engineers or technical specialists, rather than stored in a centralized database where new users can access it.

    AVEVA Operations Control provides a single development environment in the cloud where engineering teams can collaborate as they build systems. They can download information to production servers and share knowledge across a common project. Additionally, teams can use common display graphics standardized across their organization in the cloud to accelerate both the development effort and end-user training.

  2. Easy to operate - world class industrial software for any size organization

    Unify the plant automation control layer with operator productivity tools and offer tighter integration between individual components and common elements to provide a better industrial experience for users as they perform their daily tasks.

    AVEVA Operations Control delivers an entirely new commercial model that brings you unlimited use, and access to the wider AVEVA operations control portfolio. Offered through the AVEVA Flex subscription program, it’s aimed at making it easier to get the most value out of your industrial investment.

  3. Easy to upgrade and expand - unlimited scalability and flexibility

    The ability to easily understand and manage your operations is core to your success. AVEVA Operations Control is licensed by the number of users, which removes the complexity of counting tags, IO, or assets. You don't have to sacrifice capabilities to fit a constrained architecture when you have unlimited access to your software. AVEVA Operations control frees you to deploy the right amount of software and systems you need to effectively run your operations.

    With AVEVA Operations Control all software upgrades are included. So, when it makes sense for your organization to move to the latest version of the software, it’s always possible to get the latest upgrade without any extra costs.

    Bonus: AVEVA Operations Control is your secret to innovation

    Did you think there were only three reasons to move to AVEVA Operations Control? Organizations are always looking for new ways to innovate and stay competitive. AVEVA Operations Control lets you take advantage of broad software capabilities to experiment with new ways to derive value from industrial information.

    AVEVA Operations Control provides the edge-to-enterprise coverage necessary for modern industrial operations. Don’t lock yourself into old operating models.

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