TotalEnergies: Taking the next step for scope 1 GHG emissions reporting 

Posted: January 29, 2024

Alongside energy security, sustainability remains top of mind for oil and gas operators. Pressure from governments, regulatory bodies and even shareholders continues to push oil and gas operations to trace and minimize GHG emissions, especially upstream. There’s plenty of work to do ahead; according to the International Energy Agency, oil and gas operations still account for 15% of total global energy-related emissions.

TotalEnergies, the French multinational integrated energy and petroleum company, has long been at the forefront of the drive to net-zero operations. Now, with the advantage of best-in-class digital technologies, TotalEnergies hopes to lead the industry in carbon reporting and management. 

Monitoring emissions in real time

In 2022, AVEVA had the privilege to host the TotalEnergies team present at AVEVA PI World in Amsterdam, where it showcased how it’s using AVEVA™ PI System™, especially the asset framework function of AVEVA PI System, to monitor emissions and energy efficiency at the molecular level.

The following year, at AVEVA World 2023 in San Francisco, the TotalEnergies team presented a new solution for upstream operations built on AVEVA PI System. The solution harnesses pre-existing field data and the asset framework function of AVEVA PI System to perform emissions and energy efficiency calculations in real time. 

Implementation perimeter & outcome

Monitoring emissions in real time
“To effectively reduce emissions and enhance energy efficiency, it is first necessary to calculate and display this data through relevant indicators in suitable time for operational follow up.”
-Juan Guzmán,
 Digital Lead,

Highly standardized, highly scalable

TotalEnergies’ new digital solution uses various inputs, such as fluid composition, process design data, and operating parameters, to provide a comprehensive overview of emissions and performance from individual equipment to overall E&P assets. The solution is highly standardized, which means it’s highly scalable. TotalEnergies can build a model once, and then deploy hundreds of pieces of equipment or entire assets immediately. 

Once the model is built and deployed, it runs continuously and provides real-time data calculations, analysis and KPIs to help the team identify and prioritize emissions reduction opportunities. Now, TotalEnergies can monitor 85% of scope 1 GHG emissions across all its operated E&P assets—all in real time.

“Now that we've established all the monitoring tools, let's proactively identify opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”
-Juan Guzmán,
Digital Lead,

Specific use cases of TotalEnergies’ new solution:

  • Purge gas optimization
  • Categorize flaring sources to decrease flared gas
  • Detect passing valves
  • Detect process control anomalies to reduce flared gas
  • Optimize the power delivery configuration to reduce emissions
  • Reduce emissions by recycling less gas on compression system
  • Reduce emissions by adjusting Water Injection pump pressure
  • Detect anomalies in pumps performance
  • Reduce power consumption through gas compressors
  • Closed flare performance analysis 
[Caption: In the solution’s display, users can drill down to the individual equipment level, such as the compressor (shown above), to find specific operational details and measure improvements in energy efficiency.]

Turning visibility into meaningful impact

Now, the teams at TotalEnergies have real-time visibility into operational changes and tools to achieve operational excellence, which enables them to improve decision-making, optimize energy efficiency, and reduce emissions through minor adjustments—without unnecessary capital expenditures.

With just a few clicks, teams can identify poorly performing equipment and undesired process deviations and quickly launch impactful emissions-reduction projects. The energy leaders’ success is an important lesson: The net-zero future starts with more efficient operational practices, and efficiency starts with data-driven visibility. 

To learn more, watch the full presentation.

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