What’s new in AVEVA™ Reports for Operations 2023 R2 – the leader in industrial reporting software

Posted: January 9, 2024

Improvements to AVEVA Reports in this new release finalize the complete integration support for AVEVA™ PI System™ as well as support for the industry standard ISA S88 for batch processing control. With this support, you’ll be able to draw on a greater range of data and data sources for your reports and dashboards.

This new driver rounds out the full support of AVEVA PI System data connectors. It adds to the already-extensive list of support, which includes:

  • Asset Framework (SDK v2018 SP3)
  • Asset Framework historical values
  • Asset Framework real-time values
  • “Classic” historical values
  • Web API historical values 

With this new support, you can configure and report on multiple levels of nested batches.

Collect batch-specific data with this batch driver type that you can connect to data sources.

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