What’s new in AVEVA™ System Monitor v1.5

Posted: January 9, 2024

AVEVA System Monitor is a software application—installed at your facility—that continuously monitors your AVEVA software and system hardware, identifies upset conditions, and alerts you to potential issues before they become serious problems, such as application errors or machine downtime events. AVEVA System Monitor keeps a watchful eye on the critical performance indicators associated with your AVEVA software applications and the underlying hardware to maintain healthy systems for easy, proactive maintenance and reliability.

Users can create custom groups for monitoring machines, allowing them to apply distinct sets of rules with varying parameters to different machines. This is accomplished by grouping the machines together and applying rules at the group level. Consequently, the rules are applied to the entire group, and each machine within the group inherits all of the associated rules.

For each rule, you can configure multiple conditions to trigger new alerts when an unhealthy status is detected. A rule can incorporate a combination and multiple instances of value conditions, ROC conditions, and deviation conditions.

Alerts can be generated when specific strings are detected within specified OCMC logger components.

Rules can be used multiple times.

User can disable AVEVA System Monitor agent in the configurator.

Support for .NET core.

Users can search through alerts inside AVEVA System Monitor.

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