Fujirebio Diagnostics

Japanese pharma leader implements paperless electronic initiative for biomarker manufacturing 

Fujirebio Diagnostics sought to enhance collaboration and enable swifter vaccine manufacturing. To do so, the Japanese pharma leader transitioned from a manual, paper-based process to a computerized system to save time while maintaining compliance and providing a scalable infrastructure for the future. The personnel at the Malvern, Penn. campus identified a major opportunity to save time and paper, while still retaining compliance by automating the acquisition of equipment data and generating electronic reports for review and approval. 

“We installed the equipment monitoring system to electronically capture data from Fujirebio’s temperature-controlled areas. The new monitoring system also provides the company with a scalable infrastructure which we can implement other electronic data capture projects as we go forward.”  

-Mike Koch, Vice President of Supply Chain, Fujirebio Diagnostics

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