Analyst discusses key requirements for operations data infrastructure

Posted: October 20, 2023

In his 2023 report on industrial data management solutions, Verdantix analyst Joe Lamming writes that, “Without proper processes in place to manage access, track transformations, and provide context to human [data users], the unstoppable universal truth of increasing entropy will begin to introduce bias and error into the data.” His comment reminds me of Dr. Ian Malcolm’s description of chaos theory in the original Jurassic Park—but it isn’t just movie characters who suffer when we don’t have the right infrastructure in place to foresee and react to unexpected events.

We may not face as dramatic an outcome, but aging data infrastructure built for a world that once revolved around monolithic plants can easily obstruct industrial innovation, result in delayed responses, and inhibit collaborative problem-solving. We need access to all of the relevant data so we can act in time to optimize production, preserve resources, and ensure safety.

Recently, the AVEVA team invited Lamming to sit down with us and discuss how data solutions must now support industrial operations that include many more sources of data, such as sensor-enabled wind turbines or residential power meters; many more data-driven decision-makers, such as analysts and data scientists; and many more opportunities for collaboration between subject matter experts—inside and outside a company.

You can watch a recording of that session here  to learn more about how Verdantix helps its clients evaluate industrial data management solutions. If you’re currently thinking about an upgrade to your own data infrastructure, the discussion will give you some great tips for building a strong request for proposal that includes the features and functionality that will make the biggest difference to your operations. 


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