CONNECT quarterly updates:

Posted: January 18, 2024

See what’s new in January 2024

Did you know that 50% of all industrial data was created in the last two years?1 In 2024 that will still be true. 38% of new operational data will be stored and processed in the cloud (an increase of 16% over just two years).As businesses continue their digital transformation journeys, they are increasingly looking to leverage their connected data ecosystems in order to succeed.

CONNECT is an open platform that provides rich data insights across the industrial ecosystem. This platform is designed for aggregating, storing, enriching, accessing, analyzing and securely sharing real-time operations data from historians, edge devices and more.

From new features within the CONNECT user portal to advanced data services, find out about our new platform releases, which can help you enhance your business processes and improve efficiency.


1 Source: Statista, Sept 2022

2 Source: IDC, “Worldwide IT/OT Convergence Survey, 2022", Jonathan Lang, Sept 2022.

AVEVA™ Connect quarterly updates

New CONNECT admin features

New features within the CONNECT user portal enhance your experience and support you in managing your budgets and reporting.

Set credit budgets: Easily set a budget and manage your Flex Credits so you can plan your expenditure and monitor your actual spending over time.

New reporting features: Credit transaction reports offer enhanced filtering options and balanced breakdown views. Resource usage reports give administrators storage consumption information for specific solutions, such as AVEVA™ Point Cloud Manager.

Data services

Event data store: Because AVEVA extended the existing data historian and retrieval capabilities of Connect data services (Data Hub), it is now possible to store event data and provide a rich contextual search API for retrieving the information. Events are designed to model meaningful observations at a specific point in time or over a span of time, such as production, quality, inventory, batch or downtime. This enables enterprise-wide visibility into manufacturing operations and enhances data management capabilities across a network of plants and beyond.

Community data sharing: This feature launched at the beginning of this year, but we thought it deserved a recap. Organizations can now securely share operations data in a bidirectional way, with the ability to share data across multiple tenants within the same community.

Granular control allows you to specify what each partner can see. Shared data can be:

  • Consumed directly within AVEVA Data Hub via Trends.
  • Transferred into Power BI using the AVEVA Data Hub native Power BI connector.
  • Shared across custom applications, AI/ML platforms, or third-party analytics tools, like Grafana, via REST APIs.

Break down information silos with CONNECT visualization services

Gain a 360° view of your operations with CONNECT visualization services.

  • Relate disparate data sources and systems in context to each other.
  • Reduce effort to identify insights between applications and data types.
  • Provide actionable information to operations, reliability, business and other teams.

With customizable dashboards with custom and pre-defined content for visualization, you can incorporate data from both CONNECT and third-party sources.

Edge data connectivity and management

The number of IoT devices that are in use has increased dramatically over the last few years, and this trend is predicted to continue. It is expected that the amount of IoT devices in existence will triple from 2020 to 2030, with the amount of data from these devices growing even faster.

No matter where your operational data resides, AVEVA has the technologies available to collect and store that data. With AVEVA’s edge management capabilities, you can benefit from:

  • Extended real-time data connectivity to remote assets.
  • Data collection failovers in place to mitigate data loss.
  • Lightweight data storage and integration at the industrial edge.
  • Easy connectivity to AVEVA systems with open message format (OMF).

Make smarter, faster decisions with advanced analytics

AVEVA™ Advanced Analytics makes it possible to combine your existing data with AI-enabled applications allowing you to transform data into actionable insights to maximize production efficiency.

  • Improve production quality
    • Ensure optimal quality by predicting quality metrics during the production process.
    • Reduce the cost of recalls and increase first-pass yield.
  • Increase energy efficiency
    • Reduce carbon footprint by identifying the patterns and conditions necessary to operate at an optimal energy rate.
  • Enable predictive throughput
    • Optimize throughput on products and lines to be able to operate at the highest possible production rate.
    • Get recommended corrective actions when deviating from optimal conditions.

Take advantage of CONNECT's new features and connect your data with the people who need it to ensure smarter, faster decision-making.    

See these updates in action in our on-demand webinar.

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