AVEVA Data Hub is available as a subscription-based service 

Posted: February 15, 2022

Industrial companies are increasingly using real-time operations data to drive efficiency, sustainability, and digital transformation. The biggest challenge is arranging a fast, secure, and easy way for all relevant stakeholders to access and visualize the data—especially when those stakeholders are outside the company.

The makers of the AVEVA PI System —the industry’s leading operations data management solution—are helping customers in many industry segments solve this problem with a cloud-based data management solution called AVEVA Data Hub, formerly known as OSIsoft Cloud Services (OCS). As a cloud solution, AVEVA Data Hub provides authorized users with access to operations data and related information from a web browser, making it easier and less expensive to share critical data with employees in remote locations, providers of industrial services like equipment monitoring, and ecosystems of partners with common interests.

Purpose-built for industry

Unlike other cloud-based data management solution, AVEVA Data Hub is specifically designed to support industrial companies by managing the high volume, velocity, and variability of critical operations data. Data Hub is easily scaled and fully integrated with the AVEVA PI System, on-premises, and can automatically collect operations data from remote assets and IIoT devices in a distributed operating environment. Renewable energy industry companies are already benefitting from sharing real-time operations data today.

Faster time-to-value

AVEVA Data Hub is a cloud-based software-as-a-service, fully managed by AVEVA experts. There’s nothing to install and nothing to maintain. Companies can quickly begin analyzing and processing data for deeper insight in hours, not days or weeks. Data scientists at City of Salem use AVEVA Data Hub to help forecast harmful algae blooms in its water supply.

Secure data sharing with suppliers

With AVEVA Data Hub, companies can more easily share relevant sub-sets of data with key suppliers, who are then able to deliver services based on real-time conditions. This capability is enabling the shift to condition-based maintenance and driving cost savings. Engineering services firm, Allied Reliability, reduces downtime for clients by analyzing vibration data via Data Hub.

Foundation for new industrial offerings

One of the most exciting opportunities is using operations data as the foundation for brand new services. AVEVA Data Hub is being paired with other emergent technologies to solve problems that were previously considered too expensive or difficult to address. Tendeka technology provider to the oil industry, is using sensor data collected by Data Hub to prevent oil production shutdowns.

With this release, AVEVA Data Hub is now available as a subscription-based service which lets companies view their usage of the platform in real time for better budget management and a more streamlined purchase process. 

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