AVEVA Insight – Summer 2023 feature product update

Posted: October 10, 2023

Industrial operations around the world are already using AVEVA Insight to optimize operations and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Earlier this year, we continued to build on the already robust technology by offering a new user experience. Now, as we move into fall (at least for the Northern Hemisphere) and look at the end of 2023, one thing is clear: We’re not done.

In our latest update, we’ve added even more features and functionality, making AVEVA Insight the obvious choice for your industrial operation. Here’s the latest update as well as a sneak peek of what’s to come.

* Adds functionality from Classic Experience to New Experience
** New functionality only available in New Experience 

What’s new in AVEVA Insight

  • Derive more meaningful information with ad hoc expressions.

  • More intuitive search: 
    • Easier to understand matches*
    • More useful filtering**
  • Richer line chart
    • Visualize states (string and discrete) with Gantt chart*
    • Compare with target ranges (zones)*
    • Add and view user comments*
    • View anomalies on charts*
    • Configure pen settings (scale, color, interpolation, units)**
  • Smarter column chart
    • Automatically adjusts intervals based on duration*
    • Periodic values aligned to the browser’s time zone*
    • Event-based (e.g. batch, phase) statistics with drill through*
    • Time-in-state statistics (string and discrete)*
  • Visualize geographically distributed data on a map*

  • More flexible dashboards**
    • Timeline for downtime
    • KPI charts for performance/OEE
    • Configurable newsfeed
  • Browsable newsfeed with custom filtering and improved curation**

  • Industrial graphics
    • Improved performance
    • Use symbols saved to your AVEVA Drive
  • Visualize the correlation between values on the scatterplot/X-Y Chart*

  • Reuse content, expressions, alerts and analytics models across assets (asset types)**

  • Get precise data on the “Data Grid” or export to Microsoft Excel

  • Better manage content with the “View Only” user role

  • New users have “New Experience” by default

What’s coming to AVEVA Insight:

  • Alarm Grid filter/sort
  • Alarm improvements
  • Asset tree view
  • AVEVA Development Studio integration
  • Content management
  • Custom engineering units
  • Expanded expressions
  • Kiosk mode
  • News curations
  • Publisher diagnostics
  • Updated Excel add-ins
  • Updates to DMZ Secure Link
  • Retirement of Classic experience

We’re continually working to add newer, better functionality to AVEVA Insight.

There’s no better time to optimize your operations and OEE. Start your free trial today.

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