Experience the new look of AVEVA™ Insight

Posted: August 8, 2023

You may have noticed that AVEVA Insight has a new look. This revitalized experience not only updates the appearance and feel of AVEVA Insight, but improves performance, refines workflows, and incorporates new technologies that will enable cool features in the future.

Users now have access to this new experience by default when logging into AVEVA Insight. If you are currently using the classic experience, you can switch over from the left menu by selecting New Look. This button will toggle to the new experience, and it will also allow you to toggle back to the classic look if required.

The new experience will continue to evolve and incorporate capabilities currently existing in the classic look, while also introducing new functions that will not be available in the classic look.

The classic look will be retired in the coming months.  Users will be given notice before this occurs.


New experience in AVEVA Insight

New experience in AVEVA Insight

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