5 reasons for AVEVA™ Customer FIRST Program members to consider AVEVA™ Operations Control

Posted: September 26, 2022

HMI and SCADA customers are used to getting the most from AVEVA software with industry-leading support from the AVEVA Customer FIRST Program. AVEVA Operations Control gives you that same level of support, along with a package of operations control software that helps teams collaborate with increased efficiency, agility, and reliability. It’s a subscription service that caters especially to the needs of plant floor/field, control room and enterprise users.

Here are 5 reasons AVEVA Customer FIRST Program members should transition to an AVEVA Operations Control subscription.

1. Focus on user needs

AVEVA Operations Control focuses on the needs of users—not just the software. Modern techniques for increasing efficiency, reliability and agility in operations focus on increasing the situational and operational awareness of users. AVEVA Operations Control goes beyond HMI and SCADA and gives you a complete package of tools that does just that. It gives users everything they need to perform both independently and as a team. With the current talent shortages and supply chain disruptions, companies with users who have the right tools are the companies that will succeed in tomorrow’s market.

2. Included AVEVA Customer FIRST Program

AVEVA Operations Control still includes the full-service support and success resources of the AVEVA Customer FIRST Program through the AVEVA™ Flex subscription program. You can continue with the same support personnel, resources and services you expect as an AVEVA Customer FIRST Program member.

3. Extended subscription keeps you agile

AVEVA Customer FIRST is really just a subscription that renews annually. AVEVA Operations control extends the term of your subscription, making sure your software stays up to date as the market changes. It includes ongoing access to future version upgrades and patches. Subscriptions foster long- term relationships, improved customer service and commercial benefits. According to a recent survey from McKinsey & Company, 60% of customers are turning to subscriptions for the flexibility and business agility they provide, with 50% looking to reduce up-front costs.

4. Simplified renewal process

AVEVA Operations Control charges only by the number of users—not consumption across devices, tag counts, or anything else. If you have 100 users, it’s 100 users. It doesn’t matter how much software you’ve installed or where. You don’t have to keep track of where you’ve installed all your software for financial reporting or renewing your subscription. That puts AVEVA Operations control more in line with the software management found on the IT side of your organization for tools like productivity, email and document creation software.

5. Exclusive software capabilities

AVEVA Operations Control also gives subscribers exclusive software capabilities. For example, you can use live camera feeds and machine learning to identify visual anomalies, or expand access to process visualization and KPIs. Non-operations users can access the software on the go in standard HTML5 web browsers. Capabilities like these keep you adaptable and your software continuously improving so you can do more, better.

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