AVEVA to release a cloud-native solution for industrial operations data

Posted: October 19, 2021

Digital acceleration has been a long-term strategic initiative for most companies, but the pandemic turned what might have been five- or ten-year plans into overnight imperatives. These days, if an industrial company is hoping to enable remote monitoring and work more closely with key suppliers and vendors, first it will need a cloud data management solution. To address these needs, AVEVA will soon release AVEVATM Data Hub, a cloud-native data management SaaS that makes collaboration easy by providing secure, real-time operations data to authorized users in any location. This SaaS solution will be available from within the AVEVA Connect platform early in 2022 (Q1) and will carry forward the proven data aggregation and sharing capabilities of OSIsoft Cloud Services (OCS), which AVEVA acquired via the purchase of OSIsoft earlier this year.

The future of AVEVA cloud services

AVEVA Connect is our common cloud platform, providing a central location for customers to securely access a broad portfolio of industrial software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. Cloud services let industrial companies rapidly adopt and deploy solutions that drive operational excellence, increase resiliency and sustainability, and capture new market opportunities. Customers will also be able to purchase AVEVA Data Hub through AVEVA’s Flex Subscription Program, which simplifies the purchase, usage, and management of software solutions.

Designed for industrial data, cloud ready

Unlike other big data solutions, we designed AVEVA Data Hub to reliably capture diverse types of time series and other sequentially ordered industrial data. This data hub collects and stores raw data in its original fidelity, along with metadata and data context, to make industrial data easy for non-experts to understand. And, as a fully managed cloud-based data management service, there’s nothing to install or maintain. You can quickly start aggregating, visualizing, and integrating data into your preferred analysis tools and applications to develop insight more quickly and with less data wrangling.

Core industrial use cases

With OCS as its technical foundation, AVEVA Data Hub will address key industrial use-cases, including:

  • Asset monitoring—monitor equipment and critical assets in remote locations
  • Situational awareness—visualize current conditions with real-time data trending
  • Data science enablement—quickly deliver data formatted for advanced analysis tools
  • Community data sharing—securely share select operations data with trusted partners
  • Third-party industrial services—make real-time operations data available to service providers

And, with secure data sharing and a robust API, the value of AVEVA Data Hub will expand over time with additional use cases and new users.

Graphic showing how AVEVA Data Hub integrates and shares industrial operations data from multiple sources.

Move to cloud at your own pace

How fast a company moves its data to a cloud platform depends on a variety of factors. Some companies are ready now to provide web-based access to aggregated operations data, and others are just starting to support remote asset monitoring. The best data management solution is one that can support any stage of cloud adoption, from mostly on-premises to hybrid to mostly cloud with full data integrity, security, and consistent governance. The PI System, through OCS and AVEVA Data Hub, allows companies to move to the cloud at their own pace while minimizing changes and disruptions for data users.

AVEVA Data Hub combines the power of OCS capabilities with the commercial flexibility and ease of management offered by AVEVA Connect. Customers will be able to engage their extended network of collaborators with secure, scalable data sharing that works alongside a growing portfolio of additional AVEVA solutions available on AVEVA Connect. We will continue to support existing OCS customers and chart a path forward that protects their data investments.

Until AVEVA Data Hub is released early next year, you can learn more about the vision and the underlying technology at:

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