Breaking barriers for miners: Building a connected data ecosystem with AVEVA™ Data Hub

Posted: October 10, 2023

Mining and metals companies have extremely valuable data, but it’s always been a challenge to share that data with multiple stakeholders—especially external partners. That’s why building connected communities with AVEVA Data Hub changes the game. Now mining companies can get maximal value from their data by sharing it with partners in real time, driving operational efficiency, digital transformation and sustainability.

Creating a secure, collaborative cloud data ecosystem

AVEVA Data Hub's connected communities allow mining companies to seamlessly connect with trusted business partners, service providers, analytics experts and customers within a common data environment. Miners can create and manage a secure, multi-tenant data repository where these authorized participants easily access and share complex sequential data streams. This shared space breaks down barriers, empowering miners to exchange data and collaborate with partners seamlessly in real time.

For instance, suppliers can monitor stock levels in real time, optimizing inventory management and ensuring timely shipments. Equipment manufacturers can track their products' performance, identifying potential failures in advance to minimize downtime through predictive maintenance.

Communities data sharing within the mining and minerals ecosystem of partners

Harnessing the power of real-time industrial intelligence

AVEVA Data Hub connected communities are already delivering value across the industrial landscape. With operations more interconnected than ever, mining companies can use connected communities to enhance their operations, reduce downtime, increase profitability, and explore new business models. The mining industry’s unique challenges demand solutions that can handle vast amounts of time-series data, and AVEVA Data Hub is built for this purpose.

Can your data ecosystem uncover a path to mining efficiency and growth?

Take control of your industrial data system

AVEVA Data Hub is also built to maintain security and compliance while fostering user-friendly collaboration. Data owners retain complete control over the information they share with each partner, mitigating potential security risks associated with sharing sensitive data externally. So, mining companies can exchange data confidently—without compromising data integrity or regulatory requirements.

Data value creation

One of the key advantages of AVEVA Data Hub is its ability to shape complex data streams into comprehensible formats. This empowers non-experts, machine learning algorithms and business intelligence tools to extract maximum value from the data, eliminating the need for laborious data wrangling. This efficiency in data consumption accelerates time-to-value, allowing mining companies to make informed decisions swiftly.

A future built on a mining industry ecosystem

In a rapidly changing mining landscape driven by critical mineral demands and sustainability imperatives, connected communities are a beacon of innovation, allowing mining and metals companies to bridge the gap between internal and external stakeholders by optimizing operations, fostering collaboration, and driving growth. Organizations that embrace this transformative solution position themselves to thrive in the data-driven industry of the future.

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