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Posted: December 21, 2022

I am Amritha Sooral, Sr. Manager Consulting and DEIW India Lead at AVEVA. Diversity, equity and inclusion are a way of life at AVEVA. Our policies support a workplace culture essential to our innovation and success. AVEVA strives to provide equal opportunities for all. EmpowHER@AVEVA is our initiative to hire and empower women who took a break from their careers. Our focus is not just on bringing in talented women but also on giving them the time to learn and transition to work with a sense of belonging. Here are my conversations with two of these women who returned to work through EmpowHER@AVEVA.

Tell us about your journey to AVEVA.

Deepika: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and I started my career with an information technology company as an intern, with loads of fun and learning. After gaining experience as a software developer, I joined another company to grow further and continued with them until I took a break to be with my newborn son. I thoroughly enjoyed the time. I got to see my son grow and bond with the family. After a prolonged career break, it was time to focus on my talents and restart work. I am glad I got an opportunity to be part of the AVEVA family through their return-to-work program. It has not been easy to start again after such a long break, but my aspiration, willpower and diligence revived my career—and my journey has resumed.

Karthika: I began my journey in information technology as a software tester and was successful in my career. However, before I could leap to the next level, I got a promotion in life—from being a wife to a mother of two kids. Before I knew it, I was on a break for a long time, engrossed with my kids. As my kids grew, my family encouraged me to focus on what I wanted to do with my time. They understood my passion for work and supported me to start again. AVEVA provided me with the opportunity to pursue my dream and continue my career with a job I love through its return-to-work program. I am happy to become a part of AVEVA, where my strengths help me to add value effortlessly.

What led you to join AVEVA?

Deepika: The industry and the domain led me to AVEVA. My experience is in industrial automation, and AVEVA operates in the industrial software space. Of course, the people and interactions were positive for me to restart my career with AVEVA.

Karthika: The industrial software domain and the return-to-work program led me to AVEVA. From my first interaction, I could connect with brilliant minds and realize that AVEVA is a place to leverage my strengths and work on new challenges, all while getting up to speed.

How is it working at AVEVA?

Deepika: AVEVA is a great company to work at with a positive work-life balance. The company promotes a collaborative work culture that encourages participation and contribution from all team members, with supportive peers and superiors. I like that AVEVA does not discriminate against anyone based on gender, age or other factors for discrimination. I am happy to continue to work with AVEVA.

Karthika: AVEVA is a workplace focused on its employees. I like its emphasis on diversity, equity, inclusion and well-being, leading to a happy and healthy environment. The team leaders and fellow members help you develop and grow at your own pace. New initiatives and programs are helping the company go further. I am glad I am moving ahead with AVEVA.

Any advice for women planning to restart their careers?

Deepika: As the wise say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Never let your circumstances make you lose hope. Work hard to overcome your obstacles. Focus on what you want to do in life, brush up your skills and work towards your goals.

Karthika: Your aptitude and attitude determine your altitude. Focus on your talents and strengths to identify your opportunities. Be positive, keep learning and face your challenges. Remember, it is better to start late than never.

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