Growing together: Honoring our employees – and the planet – with the AVEVA Forest

Posted: August 22, 2022

The New York Climate Week has recently wrapped up, giving us cause to reflect on our sustainability progress, celebrate our achievements, and take stock of what’s left to be done. In late 2020, AVEVA launched the AVEVA Forest – a formal tree-planting partnership in support of a variety of reforestation projects around the world. This partnership is very closely aligned with our sustainability ambitions and increasing decarbonization focus, as well as being aligned with our employees’ values, emerging from successful submissions in our 2020 employee-led Sustainability Jam.

In many ways, the project symbolizes AVEVA’s closely held values. No matter where in the world our employees are located, together we form a rich, interconnected ecosystem. We adapt. We depend on each other. We’re rooted in our mission. We’re always seeking the light, looking to innovate and inspire others.

At first, we planted trees to honor our new team members and recognize their commitment to planting their roots in AVEVA, but, like any forest, as the initiative has grown organically, we’ve branched out. Now, we plant trees in honor of our colleagues of the week who are “blooming brilliant.” We also plant trees to recognize team members who reach a service milestone – an AVEVAversary – and have demonstrated their loyalty, steadfastness, and dedication to our mission.

Growing together: Honoring our employees – and the planet – with the AVEVA Forest Source:

The AVEVA Forest is more than just a symbolic gesture of gratitude. It’s making a real-world environmental impact. AVEVA has planted nearly 10,000 trees – covering an area of more than 6.6 hectares – in more than 15 countries in less than two years. We’re excited to have planted trees in Spain, France, UK, USA, Brazil, Nicaragua, India, Thailand, Nepal, and Australia, among others.

Some of our supported reforestation projects around the world:

We plant a wide range of tree species, each of which is selected to match its local environment and create the greatest carbon offsetting impact. So far, the nearly 10,000 trees we’ve planted in our employees’ honor have captured over 2,835 tonnes of CO2 (and counting).

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AVEVA remains committed to reducing its operational footprint and finding new, creative ways to honor and recognize its team members. As AVEVA continues to grow, we’re proud to know that the AVEVA Forest will grow alongside us.

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