How can you achieve zero routine flaring? Predictive asset optimization

Posted: June 13, 2024

Zero routine flaring: tomorrow’s standard policy

For over one hundred years, oil refineries have commonly used gas flaring to dispose of the gas produced alongside oil. Though people generally know that flaring is a wasteful and environmentally harmful practice, it continues to be standard procedure. 

But times are changing. Now many global policymakers are calling for an end to routine gas flaring. The World Bank's Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFR), for example, has set a target of "zero routine flaring" by 2030.

The initiative aims to end the practice at production sites for any reason other than safety and to ensure that new oil fields are developed without routine flaring. If successful, an estimated 140 billion cubic meters of flared natural gas annually will be saved—roughly enough to power all of sub-Saharan Africa. This equates to 300 million tons of CO2 emissions.

How can you eliminate routine flaring?

While the path to eliminating routine flaring isn’t without hurdles, refiners can embrace several pragmatic strategies:

  • Adopt predictive asset optimization tools, which can continuously forecast your emissions and flaring (see figures 1 and 2), continuously forecast performance changes, and predict failures to prevent unplanned shutdowns and unplanned maintenance.
  • Undertake process modifications, such as flare recovery
  • Use process unit pacing, which automatically slows and resumes overall operations whenever any part of the process slows down.

New graphical workflows support streamlined UDT-based graphics. UDTs let users nest up to six levels deep, so adding valves to a tank just takes a few clicks. InTouch HMI Unlimited automatically exposes the namespace of OPC UA Servers, simplifying application development for OPC UA sources with drag-and-drop functionality.

Is scalability a worry? Not anymore.  

InTouch HMI Unlimited’s hybrid-cloud architecture lets you easily develop, deploy, and scale HMI and SCADA applications. What’s more, when you pair it with Connect data services, you can tap into the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to gain actionable insights from your data, both real-time and historical.

Since the earliest iterations of hybrid on-premises cloud architectures, AVEVA has been at the forefront of developing these next-gen technologies. At first, the hybrid deployment approach enabled implementers to more easily reuse engineering content and deploy global rollouts across the enterprise in a standardized way.

Over time, as industrial companies have become more comfortable with the cloud, the use cases have extended beyond engineering to operations, including global visibility, remote collaboration, and advanced analytics.

Redefining the nature of work on the plant floor

AVEVA InTouch HMI Unlimited began with a simple but bold mission: Redefine the operator’s role through a web-first strategy. Out-of-the-box web widgets let you open new possibilities beyond traditional HMI use cases. Empower connected workers with real-time guided help, geo-asset tracking, and inventory management—all on their smartphone or tablet.

And no more counting tags and clients. InTouch HMI Unlimited offers an all-inclusive package under a perpetual licensing model, giving you the freedom to explore and innovate without constraints. Plus, with a treasure trove of communication drivers, a built-in process historian, and reporting functionality, you can collect and unleash the true potential of your data, no matter where it's sourced from.

You’ll also get access to the free development environment, complete with prebuilt standard objects and HTML5 widgets. Turbocharge your design productivity and bring your vision to life—in record time.

The world’s most powerful, all-in-one HMI 

But perhaps the best part? InTouch HMI Unlimited is a complete solution, bundling all the essentials you need to build a modern, web-enabled HMI/SCADA platform—no more piecemeal purchases, just seamless integration and cost-effective scalability.

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