How to survive a volatile oil and gas market with AVEVA™ Unified Supply Chain software

Posted: November 14, 2023

Thrive in uncertain times

The oil and gas industry has always contended with unpredictable oil prices and dynamic market forces. But recent global events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, wars, and geopolitical shifts, have made the market even more volatile. Oil and gas businesses need to become even more agile and adaptable to succeed in this environment over the long term.

AVEVA Unified Supply Chain is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to give businesses the adaptability they need to thrive in these volatile markets. This innovative, cloud-enabled oil and gas supply chain management software helps companies increase their agility, make well-informed decisions, and optimize operations.

Adapt to risks and opportunities

To withstand market fluctuations and remain operationally stable, oil and gas companies need tools that help them adapt to shifting market dynamics, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and mitigate potential risks. AVEVA Unified Supply Chain gives companies accurate, real-time visibility into oil and gas supply chain operations. That information lets companies proactively fine-tune their strategies, optimize resource allocation, and streamline processes.

Make informed decisions

Oil and gas companies use AVEVA Unified Supply Chain to develop well-informed business strategies. It gives them data-driven insights they use to make informed decisions, increase operational efficiency and maximize profitability.

AVEVA oil and gas supply chain software acts as a centralized hub, seamlessly integrating data from every corner of the supply chain and translating it into actionable insights. Oil and gas companies use its robust data analytics capabilities to delve deeper into market trends, pinpoint potential risks and opportunities, and make decisions based on comprehensive insights—all of which optimize their supply chain resiliency.

Optimize operations, enhance efficiency and profitability

Oil and gas companies can comprehensively optimize their operations by using AVEVA Unified Supply Chain’s solutions for everything from planning and scheduling through to execution and delivery. It includes advanced optimization tools that help companies streamline processes, cut costs, and enhance efficiency.

By comprehensively optimizing supply chain operations, oil and gas companies can elevate their overall performance, amplify profitability, and fortify their standing in a competitive market. It will be these companies that optimize across their operations that remain profitable and viable over the long term.

AVEVA: Your partner in navigating market volatility

AVEVA Unified Supply Chain gives oil and gas companies the supply chain resiliency they need to navigate market volatility. Oil and gas companies that use it get data-driven insights and operational optimization capabilities that give them the agility they need to thrive.

Read how Idemitsu Kosan unified planning and operational decision-making across seven refineries, and improved its refinery margins and business processes. BP improved margins across its global downstream business, cutting crude purchase decision time from two days to less than two hours.

With AVEVA as your trusted partner, you can confidently confront the challenges posed by a volatile market. 


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