Powerful partnerships in the cloud

Posted: November 22, 2023

Businesses across the world are making the shift to the cloud. It’s now a critical component of industrial digital transformation. Cloud technology optimizes operations, reduces costs, increases innovation and gives organizations better data visibility and greener footprints.

Given the unstable supply conditions, demands for carbon reduction and shifting consumer habits driven by the pandemic, leaders are investing in cloud technology that allows for agility and resilience in a volatile world.

The power of partners

The cloud accelerates innovation by creating an integrated ecosystem of technology suppliers, systems integrators, peers and customers. Partnering with brilliant companies throughout the supply chain elevates your performance beyond what you can achieve alone.

Take for example AVEVA’s own partner ecosystem – it’s worldwide and growing. AVEVA’s alliances with industry-leading organizations help its customers use innovative technology to become more agile, resilient and, most importantly, as sustainable as possible.

Together with its partners, AVEVA brings new solutions to the market to help its customers fast-track their transformation journeys. It solves complex industrial challenges that demand the strengths of more than one company.

These partnerships let AVEVA customers accelerate time-to-value and rapidly attain their digitization and sustainability goals. For example, IGI Wax reduced crude waste by 49% by aligning AVEVA™ PI System™ and AVEVA™ Data Hub with Microsoft’s cloud and other key technologies. Learn more about how IGI generated an initial 67x ROI here.

Connected knowledge

The cloud connects you to an ecosystem of partners and stakeholders that share data, analytics, outcomes and knowledge. Think of it as a hive mind of interconnected thought, where collaboration and innovative outcomes are almost limitless.

Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) emerged from MIT with the aim of battling climate change by commercializing fusion energy to deliver clean, limitless power. Together with Amazon Web Services (AWS), it’s working with AVEVA™ Unified Engineering to reduce overall project time and get fast results that will improve the world for all of us.

By combining your company’s strengths with complementary technologies from other organizations, you can collaborate to create better products for your customers. Consider how you can use cloud-based partnerships throughout your entire supply chain. Where can you introduce partners to share data and strengthen links in the chain? Which integrator partners will you use?

For instance, AVEVA and Schneider Electric are working together to combine energy management and automation systems with industrial software within our shared partner ecosystems. Our goal is to help companies achieve digital transformation so they can build a more prosperous future for their businesses and a more sustainable future for everyone.

Shared sustainability

AVEVA is also growing its partnerships with cloud leaders like AWS and Microsoft to empower global energy leaders so that they can accelerate the energy transition in line with the Paris Agreement goal of keeping global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. Together specifically with Microsoft, AVEVA helps industries – among the largest greenhouse gas emitters – harness the power of data-centric insights, the cloud, artificial intelligence and digital twins to advance sustainability. Looking ahead, AVEVA is exploring how it can harness Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to develop new applications.

Adding value

Cloud-based data management solutions now make it easier for suppliers and service providers to access data and share it with their industrial customers and create a unified partner ecosystem. These solutions enable a whole new level of high-value industrial services – from inventory automation to quality resolutions.

Many suppliers and providers have embraced this change. They’ve discovered that sharing data securely is not only a challenge – it’s an opportunity to improve and deliver new, value-add services for customers.

Suppliers and providers are applying advanced analytics to customer data to offer improved products and services that their customers can turn into profit. For instance, by shifting toward automated inventory processes, suppliers use customer data to mitigate out-of-stock or overstock situations.

The power of collaboration

Migrating to the cloud is just the first step of your journey toward collaborating in a shared partner ecosystem. By connecting with the right partners, you’ll transform your business within an ecosystem of shared data, insights and goals.


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