Flex your way to success: Take control of your operations with a flexible cloud approach

Posted: June 10, 2022

Operations are multifaceted, just like your business. Prior to 2020, a shift was already occurring in operations, making mobile and remote access accessible for many operators. Operations control software is integrated with enterprise software, data management solutions, and engineering. The COVID-19 pandemic made remote connectivity, the need to retain knowledge in an aging workforce, and connected collaboration necessary to maintain operational resiliency. The priorities for industrial software have shifted from using off-the-shelf software to solve a specific problem, to exploring software that offers a digital toolkit that provides operators with what they need to succeed.

The best way to meet these demands has proven to be a flexible approach that allows businesses to connect their workforce to one another, and to their industrial data. They often achieve this flexibility with a hybrid cloud architecture that gives them the ability to see and share their data with the right people, wherever they are, without sacrificing capability to fit architectural constraints. The cloud also provides an ideal place to centralize data and analytics, so users can collaborate based on trusted information shared across functions.

When we speak to AVEVA customers, they often share three main business challenges that they hope to solve with a hybrid cloud approach.

Collaboration: Businesses want to connect people. They recognize the value of sharing data between experts, executives, and operators. They use software to facilitate the transfer of new ideas, resolutions, and insights between people, facilities, or even shifts. Sharing information digitally, without face-to-face contact, is frequently a requirement for operating in today's post-pandemic world, but shared information also expedites analysis and decisions.

Knowledge retention: Enterprises must address talent shortages and capture deep institutional knowledge to be competitive in the near term. With knowledge captured in digital formats, businesses can retain effective practices, expedite new hire training and onboarding, and record training procedures.

Data visibility and accessibility: Employers want to put everyone on the same page by creating a common digital thread from on-premises to cloud, and cloud to on-premises. Being able to share information easily allows the entire workforce to operate from a single source of reliable information and reduces operational silos while improving situational awareness.

A trusted industrial hybrid cloud platform

AVEVA developed a hybrid industrial cloud with these business challenges in mind, amplifying the value of on-premises software. AVEVA™ Operations Control encompasses all our monitoring and control software, allowing you to choose your optimal mix of solutions with AVEVA™ Flex subscription credits. Our industrial cloud platform, AVEVA™ Connect, provides a convenient portal for you to view and manage credits, and even use AVEVA™ Integration Studio to create infrastructure-as-a-service solutions in a virtual development environment.

Once your operations have moved to the cloud, you can enjoy the benefits of centralized data architectures. Use AVEVA™ Insight to create dashboards and apply AI and machine learning to your data. AVEVA™ Data Hub brings all your industrial data into a centralized repository where you can apply advanced analytics and share real-time dashboards with the right people in the right locations.

The subscription model of AVEVA Flex allows you to pay for only the features you need, as you need them. Move to the cloud without making a large initial investment and expand your capabilities as your business grows.

Where to start

Begin embracing the flexibility of the cloud by exploring our most recent operations control white paper.

As always, if you’re unsure of where to start and need some guidance, or if you’re ready to skip this stage and speak directly to your AVEVA representative, you can speak to an AVEVA expert.


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