What’s new in AVEVA™ System Platform 2023 R2

Posted: January 9, 2024

AVEVA System Platform with operations management interface (OMI) is an advanced, responsive, and scalable solution for advanced SCADA, MES, IIoT and supervisory applications that contextualizes operations processes across your organization.

And now it’s even better. Its newest features connect people, processes and assets across facilities like never before. The standards-based foundation you rely on for collaboration is still there, but with new features that help you make continuous operational improvements and provide real-time decision support.

 Learn about the newest features available with AVEVA System Platform 2023 R2.

Integrates with AVEVA Connect when used under an AVEVA™ Operations Control subscription. 

Brings the power of the OMI experience to the web, delivering a scalable and efficient browser interface for real-time operations management

Offers improved tree views in the IDE with added search capabilities. 

Dynamically embeds industrial graphics within an industrial graphic in OMI desktop client during runtime. 

Supports multilingual functionality through a translatable string.

Offers optional alarm state that requires acknowledged, RTN alarms to be dismissed before disappearing from the screen. 

Reduces the DCOM footprint with gRPC and improves overall security. Communication paths between platforms no longer depend on DCOM.

Streams out-of-sequence data directly to the historian while maintaining the integrity of the latest data within AVEVA System Platform and OMI.

Lets users configure a galaxy to automatically enable buffering for all IO attributes. 

Explains various considerations and recommended practices for implementing AVEVA System Platform in an online guide.  

Describes security considerations and recommendations for implementing AVEVA System Platform in an online guide.


We’re looking forward to you taking advantage of these improvements to AVEVA System Platform 2023 R2. AVEVA always recommends using the most current version of the software for access to the latest security updates and patches. 

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