What’s new in AVEVA™ Integration Studio

Posted: January 9, 2024

AVEVA™ Development Studio also includes access to AVEVA Integration Studio, an infrastructure-as-a-service development environment that facilitates greater collaboration, rapid project creation, project archiving, on-demand scalability. AVEVA Integration Studio also gives users the ability to manage multiple development projects simultaneously.

All nodes within AVEVA Integration Studio include all current OS security updates​.

You can now use AVEVA Integration Studio within AVEVA™ Connect folders. Each instance is independent of one another.​

Users that are assigned to AVEVA Integration Studio can now access the system without having a seat assigned to them.​

You can now modify system suites to include things such as patches, without having to create new versions. Existing instances of these system suites will not be affected. New ones will include the updates.​

Administrators in accounts now have the ability to remove unused custom system suites. 

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