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Posted: November 15, 2021

Elevate your capital strategy with facilities built for the future

Reduce risk with data

Managing risk on capital projects and planning facilities with an eye for the future is paramount to any business’s long-term success. When it comes to forward-looking capital strategies, AVEVA’s customers excel by effectively using the data at their fingertips. AVEVA’s cloud-based simulation, engineering, and execution solutions are designed around a central database that enables real-time decision-making, because it equips the right people with the right information at the right time. Complete transparency allows stakeholders to better collaborate, increasing productivity company-wide, all while reducing errors. Simply put, improved data quality enhances the overall quality of the project, the resulting plant, and the digital twin data that supports its long-term operations.

The asset data created in the project phase is structured to form the foundation of a digital twin, which is passed to the owner at handover and layered with operational systems, resulting in operational value for years to come. Data-informed stategies are the way forward in the engineering industry. With AVEVA’s solutions, you’re empowered to make more objective, risk-conscious, and efficient decisions.

“AVEVA’s cloud-based and data-centric engineering enables our teams all around the world to work remotely, yet together, on one platform that spans all of our engineering data. It is fundamental for our staff to work in a collaborative way, in real time, all along the design and build phases. Efficient access to data is key to boost operational performance and achieve our strategic objectives”

- Thomas Cheylan,
Projects Performance Director at Veolia Water Technologies.

Build sustainable facilities with the creation of the digital twin

With escalating climate change challenges and mounting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) requirements, engineering the plant of the future has never been more important. Our solutions help create and maintain a digital twin for your plant, providing the physical framework for layering on real-time operational data and predictive analytics. This will enhance your operational efficiency and optimize performance, reducing your energy consumption and emissions. Your digital twin will act as the virtual hub for information to provide contextualized insights that wouldn’t be available from a single data-source. Digital modernization of your facilities will help you better utilize and update aging assets, alleviating some of the pressure that comes with a quick transition to more sustainable facilities and renewable energy sources. Our centralized cloud platform enables the digital twin, so you can access all of your engineering elements and operational activities from anywhere in the world, reducing travel, costs, and carbon impacts.

"We ourselves are very focused on sustainability. We have a number of in-house capabilities and IP, and we partner with technology companies, including AVEVA, and are constantly looking for ways of driving the race towards net zero.”

Darren Martin,
Chief Technology officer at Wood.

Maintain flexibility with the cloud 

Reduce your IT costs and enable flexible working with our cloud-supported solutions. AVEVA's solutions are an always-on service by AVEVATM Connect, our common cloud platform for implementation, support, and maintenance. Work securely from anywhere to improve productivity and empower your global project teams—including internal and external stakeholders—with seamless access to the latest data. Flexibly scale up and down according to your project needs. There are no hardware requirements or limitations and, with centralized user and usage management, teams easily can shift access as project needs change. These same features enable rapid deployment, so you can go fully operational on your projects in a matter of weeks, not months or years.

“By using a cloud-based solution, we can provide training at their site so [our employees] are getting more time at the control board and less time behind the windshield.”

- Clay Goodman,
Training Manager at Arizona Public Service.

Meet your capital projects’ time and budget targets

Building profitable and sustainable capital projects is no easy task. Many go over time and over budget by 30 to 45% on average[1]. Disconnected workflows hinder effective collaboration between teams, making it difficult to leverage trusted data. Without seamless collaboration, errors creep up in engineering and project execution, which directly impacts the overall success of the project. Our solutions help you save time and remain within budget by enabling instantaneous project updates and real-time 3D visualization. Combining this with data-centric working from conceptual design to handover, collaborative work is seamless and enjoyable. Maximize capital project potential and stay on time and on budget with AVEVA’s connected tools.

“We are focused on bringing reliability to the processes to reduce rework, reduce loss of materials and reduce miscommunication between departments. The AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management implementation processes were very smooth and well-planned. Within seven weeks we had the go-live and in weeks the complete implementation of the system.”

– Juliano Pamplona,
Head of planning at Oceana.

High operational efficiency and project quality

Fast track your way to design and operational efficiency with a digital twin. Our solutions can build a digital representation of your facilities and create the core of your digital twin in the project phase. The core of the digital twin allows for reduced emissions and prolongs your plant’s lifetime. Our integrated 1D, 2D, and 3D engineering platforms provide the sorts of insights only a shared database can. This can jumpstart operational efficiency programs such as asset performance management and machine learning to enable proactive updates and optimizations of your plant’s processes. Engineering tools and other important capital project information, such as equipment and supplier data, are now all available in one place, increasing your engineering efficiency by 30% through better transparency and improved decision-making.

“The benefits of using an integrated software suite are that it really breaks down the silos of the individual engineering disciplines and gives everybody access to everybody else’s information as they need it. We’ve shown this is a pretty big improvement over the conventional engineering approach.”

Managing Partner at Vista Projects.

A pioneer of digital transformation 

AVEVA is a global leader in the industrial software industry. With over 20,000 customers and 50 years of experience, we help elevate capital projects, boost engineering efficiency, and digitally transform operations. We aim to promote economic growth and encourage environmental sustainability, to set a higher standard for our community. We’re committed to supporting industrial transformation and enabling our customers to realize a better, more sustainable future for their company. At AVEVA, we all share the same mindset: We want our software to help our customers shape a sustainable future.

[1] McKinsey & Company, 2021. Capital Projects 5.0: Reimagining capitalproject delivery. [online] McKinsey & Company


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