Baxter SA

Pharmaceutical leader Baxter SA uses AVEVA software to upgrade product manufacturing at its facility and exceed regulatory compliance.

Baxter S.A. sought to streamline its operations, manage operating costs, and conform to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s compliance standards. To achieve these goals, Baxter needed to revise its manufacturing facility processes to incorporate automation methods into a new production line. Baxter partnered with BiiON, which specializes in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry system integration, to ensure the successful implementation of the new manufacturing line. With its new system in place, Baxter’s facility simplified monitoring and reporting, ensured regulatory compliance, and doubled production.

“To be successful, strategic projects require excellent collaboration between the customer, the software vendor, and the integrator. By establishing the automation framework, AVEVA software enabled our project teams to focus on productivity targets.” 

Serge Bassem, CEO, BiiON

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