TasWater saves oysters with data

TasWater uses AVEVA™ PI System™ to monitor wastewater in pump stations to prevent overflows

After a sewage spill in Tasmania, TasWater, the state’s primary water and sewage service provider, turned to AVEVA to use sewage pump stations data to respond to blockages and spills before they turned into ecological disasters. TasWater oversees almost 5,000 kilometers of sewer mains, suffering about 2,000 spills and main breaks a year. Using AVEVA PI System in collaboration with Nukon, the company has ultimately improved its spill response time by 13 hours and helped to preserve the local ecology.

“We’re hopeful this program can be used wherever our assets are in high risk areas…and help TasWater work more responsively with shellfish growers for better outcomes.”

— Alexander Jovcic, Department Manager of Service Optimization, TasWater

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