TasWater uses AVEVA™ PI System™ to monitor IIoT assets more efficiently, saving time for its scientists to drive innovation

TasWater, Tasmania’s primary water and sewage utility, manages one of the oldest sewer networks in Australia. After a sewage spill infiltrated a nature reserve in 2017, TasWater dedicated itself to finding a way to catch blockages and spills more quickly. In collaboration with Nukon, an AVEVA, partner, TasWater launched a proof of concept (POC) trial to explore what data and IIoT technology can do for the water industry. TasWater’s data approach has reduced costs and time spent analyzing data, freeing its scientists to implement more efficient and safer methods of investigating spills and leaks.

“The biggest benefit of the enterprise agreement is the agility you have with AVEVA PI System software components. So, if there are proof of concept projects or training needs, you can stand up the technology and give something a go very easily.” 

Anthony O’Flaherty, Manager of Data and Analytics at TasWater

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