Accenture’s trial of AVEVA™ Unified Engineering delivers significant results

Posted: August 10, 2023

A lighthouse project to trial AVEVA™ Unified Engineering

Over the past several months, we’ve been thrilled to work closely with our systems integrator partner, Accenture, on a new “lighthouse” project to trial our integrated, data-centric engineering and design solution, AVEVA™ Unified Engineering. Together, as part of our early adoption program, we’ve tested the real-world capabilities and performance of the latest version of the solution.

As a multinational technical consultancy, Accenture has a global engineering practice and its own engineering and services implementation teams. Thus, the company was keen to test and measure the potential benefits and understand the commercial applications that the new version of AVEVA Unified Engineering can offer Accenture as well as its clients.

Connecting dispersed engineering teams in the cloud

Geographically dispersed, multi-disciplinary design and engineering teams are already commonplace in engineering projects today. Aligning teams across time zones, as well as geographical, social, and cultural barriers, is only going to continue to become more and more critical in the competitive, globalized world of tomorrow. IDC estimates that by 2024, nearly 60% of the US workforce will be mobile workers.

Among the advancements in the new version of AVEVA Unified Engineering is its cloud-based data-sharing capabilities. This version allows engineering project teams across locations to connect to centralized project data quickly and securely through AVEVA’s industrial cloud platform, Connect.

Taking aim at project execution efficiency

Accenture’s goals going into the lighthouse project were to:

  • Increase project execution efficiency.
  • Eliminate rework across teams with real-time, globally consistent, centrally managed data, reports, model review, and templates.
  • Expedite project setup by creating project outputs, deliverables, user-defined attributes (UDA) and customizations in a single location and subsequently deploying these automatically at other project locations.

In service of these goals, Accenture also used AVEVA™ E3D Design, AVEVA’s class-leading 3D design solution.

“Centralizing AVEVA E3D project data in the cloud enables quicker deployment, ease of administration, and facilitates faster review collaborations, surpassing the traditional global hub and satellite approach.”

–Steve Pester, Capital Projects, Engineering and Innovation Lead, Accenture

Data-centric engineering delivers time savings

Throughout the project, Accenture found that project setup was quick and easy across multiple organizations and locations. Furthermore, Accenture gained the ability to perform design confirmations and validations quickly from any enabled location. Accenture concluded that unscheduled time could be reduced due to model review generation by 50%, as well as reducing time spent creating and modifying project work templates by an estimated 70%.

“The future of AVEVA Unified Engineering is incredibly exciting, enabling simplicity, security and flexibility across global teams. We can’t wait to see what customers are able to do with these powerful collaborative tools.”

 –Brian Hughes, Head of Engineering Portfolio, AVEVA

Accenture reported:

An estimated 70% reduction in time spent creating and modifying project work templates

An estimated 50% reduction in unscheduled time due to model review generation 

With great results from this lighthouse project, Accenture looks forward to continued work with AVEVA and AVEVA Unified Engineering.

AVEVA Unified Engineering: Today and tomorrow

To learn more about the future of AVEVA Unified Engineering, watch Greg Pada, AVEVA’s VP for Engineering Business Strategy, present at AVEVA World 2022.

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