AVEVA partners with Aras to maintain digital continuity and data integrity

Posted: September 28, 2023

In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape, industries such as oil and gas, nuclear energy, marine, and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) can unlock significant benefits by keeping track of information as it changes throughout the asset life cycle. AVEVA can help these industries navigate chaos and gain control over critical data, including real-time updates and historical information.

AVEVA is excited to announce that it can offer Aras Innovator® PLM to joint customers alongside AVEVATM Unified Engineering, AVEVATM E3D Design, and AVEVATM Asset Information Management as part of a reseller agreement. This partnership empowers industries to embrace asset life cycle management and keep track of required operations and maintenance information as it evolves. It also presents an opportunity to bridge the gap between an asset’s CapEx and OpEx phases using AVEVA™ PI System™.

By implementing robust digital systems, organizations gain the ability to capture, store, and access accurate, up-to-date data, and historical information associated with their assets using an enterprise digital thread. This ensures organizations preserve valuable insights from previous stages of the life cycle, enabling better decision-making and enhanced efficiency throughout an asset's entire lifespan.

From data to knowledge: Empower your asset life cycle with a digital thread

The concept of digital continuity, implemented via a digital thread, brings a new level of control and accessibility to information. It empowers industries to transcend the limitations of traditional paper-based documentation and disconnected data silos. With digital continuity, organizations can seamlessly connect threads of information, enabling a comprehensive view of an asset's life cycle in a common data environment.

The key forthcoming benefits of leveraging a combined 75 years of experience of both AVEVA and Aras in software development for industrial markets are:

  • Modularization, standardization, and reuse: Our system allows you to manage a catalog of standardized solutions and solution alternatives to accelerate, standardize, and modularize the design process for equipment reuse, reducing study cost and design lead time. You can manage those standardized solutions in accordance with requirements. 
  • Strong engineering change management and process automation: Easily manage, validate, and trace document and digital engineering information in one place. By transitioning to a data-centric system, information is kept in one single place. Changes are flagged across digital engineering tools automatically, and you can assess their effects a priori. Create documents on the fly with accurate and up-to-date data and ensure that document versions remain in line with data updates.
  • Configuration and requirements management for capital-intensive and highly regulated industries: Our system enables you to manage versions and the consistency of any kind of data by capturing accurate asset configurations. The system also allows you to keep track of requirements across the entire life cycle so you can explain and justify decisions made at any point. 

The images below demonstrate how the Asset Lifecycle Management capabilities enable the benefit of a 3D plant representation.

AVEVA/Aras Prototype Demonstrator, Data by courtesy of CEZ a.s., NPP Temelin

For more information about the AVEVA/Aras partnership please check the latest Press Release and feel free to join us at AVEVA World in San Francisco (23-26 of October) to meet the AVEVA and Aras team, and for a live software demonstration.


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