PowerRunner: Ensuring resilience of the low-voltage grid with data from AVEVA™ PI System™

Posted: May 08, 2024

A guest blog by Dan Garvey (Director, Sales and Marketing) at PowerRunner, LLC, an industry leader in transforming energy analytics that offers groundbreaking solutions for distribution utilities globally. PowerRunner empowers utilities to optimize their operational efficiency, reliability and decision-making processes with strategic partnerships and innovative technology. 

It’s no secret that utilities are undergoing radical transformation. They are assuming responsibility for a vast number of flexible transmission and distribution assets as the grid becomes increasingly distributed. These distributed assets make it ever more challenging to ensure the grid remains safe, reliable and efficient.

Grid managers take raw data from these assets and tens of millions of sensors to manage and predict where demand might exceed supply or capacity. The challenge is how to manage the flow of all this data and transform it to improve grid quality and resilience.

Meeting that challenge is the mission of PowerRunner. We deliver the groundbreaking technology utilities need through strategic partnerships, such as industrial software solutions from AVEVA, or the power required for AI-based analysis and modeling from Nvidia.

Power Grid Optimization

At PowerRunner, we recognize it’s crucially important for utilities to have real-time insights into low-voltage grid management and forecasting. That's why we chose to seamlessly integrate our solutions with AVEVA™ PI System™, the leading platform utilities around the world use to manage operational data.

Our collaboration with AVEVA lets us deliver an integrated solution for scaling, managing and using  operations data in utility transmission and distribution. With PowerRunner, utilities can gain deep insights into asset performance—from the meter to transformer, to feeder, to substation—so they can enhance reliability and availability.

Check out this blog to learn more about the importance of having a data management baseline: “Your sustainability efforts require a baseline.

Real-time grid management and grid analytics

PowerRunner solutions let utilities enhance near-real-time situational awareness through advanced analytics. PowerRunner on AVEVA PI System diminishes latency and elevates situational awareness, empowering utilities to make swift, data-driven decisions. By analyzing operational data in real time, utilities can proactively identify potential issues and optimize their operations for peak efficiency.

PowerRunner offers a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to streamline operations and enhance performance across the energy sector. PowerRunner solutions on AVEVA PI System equip utilities with robust tools for analyzing big data and seamlessly integrating with operations data—from millions of edge sensors to critical power-generating assets. By harnessing the potential of big data and analytics, utilities can identify trends, forecast demand and optimize resource allocation. They can save substantial costs while at the same time enhancing operations.

At PowerRunner, we recognize the close relationships AVEVA has formed with utility providers worldwide, and our strategic reseller agreement allows us to jointly communicate the value of PowerRunner on a much broader basis. Empower your utility grid transformation by unlocking the value of PowerRunner with data from AVEVA PI System. This operational data infrastructure integrates configurable analytics to help you build solutions that meet your needs.

Learn more

Join PowerRunner and AVEVA on May 14, 2024 for a webinar on how electric, water and natural gas distributors are enhancing reliability, availability and overall grid resilience with PowerRunner on AVEVA PI System. Register here.

Frequently asked questions

PowerRunner and AVEVA PI System join operations data from SCADA and AMI systems with data from CIS, GIS, and other IT systems to create a single source of truth. Utilities have the real-time information they need to easily monitor performance of critical and expensive transformers and smart meters across the network.

The data management and data governance features of AVEVA PI System ensure data quality for all your OT/IT/IIoT use cases, so PowerRunner analytics are always based upon the best available data. This trusted single source of truth supports historical operational analytics, near-real-time situational awareness, and predictive analytics—what happened, what is happening, what will happen.

Together, PowerRunner and AVEVA provide utilities with real-time situational awareness, leveraging all grid-sensor data, including advanced metering infrastructure, to support the dynamic requirements of distribution utilities.


May 14 Webinar

Join me and my partners from AVEVA on May 14 at 15:00 CET / 10:00 ET to learn how PowerRunner can integrate with your existing data infrastructure to handle real-time grid management at scale.

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