The industrial data ecosystem: CONNECT enables data-sharing communities in oil and gas

Posted: September 19, 2023

Industrial data ops solutions

In the dynamic world of industrial operations, harnessing the potential of real-time data has become paramount for achieving crucial business objectives. From driving operational efficiency to enhancing sustainability and realizing digital transformation, the value of data is indisputable. However, the challenge has always been finding a secure, seamless, and efficient means of allowing various stakeholders, including those outside your organization, to access and collaborate on relevant data.

Enter the connected communities feature within CONNECT data services, a transformational solution poised to redefine the industrial data-sharing landscape. At its core, connected communities empowers data owners to craft and manage secure multi-tenant data repositories, allowing authorized participants to access data streams and contribute their own data. This breakthrough innovation effectively bridges the gap between industrial companies and their trusted partners, establishing a common data environment where control over shared data is granular and comprehensive—no matter where the data is stored.

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