How industrial service providers are leveling up efficiency with next-gen remote monitoring

Posted: July 09, 2024

The industrial landscape is a battlefield of competition, constantly pushing manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers to find innovative ways to deliver high-value services and maximize operational efficiency. This is where real-time asset monitoring can help to unlock a world of possibilities.

Real-time asset monitoring provides a continuous stream of valuable data on equipment performance. When this data is securely shared with external partners, it can revolutionize operations across businesses. For example, chemical suppliers can leverage mobile truck data for accurate billing and improved decision-making at remote sites. Or energy companies can optimize their systems through remote monitoring of batteries and solar panels, leading to smarter grid management. Countless possibilities for optimization extend throughout the industrial sectors.

A recent success story by RHI Magnesita, a global leader in refractory materials, showcases the transformative power of real-time data. They use CONNECT data services for remote monitoring of their electric arc furnaces, enabling them to provide predictive maintenance services to clients worldwide.

Predictive maintenance is crucial for these furnaces. The furnace walls withstand scorching temperatures exceeding 1200°C, protecting personnel from molten steel. Taking a furnace offline prematurely costs clients tens of thousands of euros per day.

Since implementing their "connected machines architecture" with CONNECT data services and AVEVA™ PI System™, RHI Magnesita has achieved over 80% accuracy in predicting refractory consumption for six months. They have also improved service part and personnel allocation, preventing bottlenecks and outages. This translates to reduced downtime and increased efficiency for both RHI Magnesita and their clients.

RHI Magnesita’s success exemplifies the benefits of remote real-time data access: increased product reliability, enhanced management capabilities, and reduced costs with guaranteed equipment availability. These advantages extend beyond just cost savings. They create a win-win situation for both suppliers and customers, fostering stronger relationships. Furthermore, remote monitoring can unlock new revenue streams through the development of value-added services, giving companies an edge in the current competitive landscape.

Real-time asset monitoring generates massive amounts of data. To maximize efficiency, remote data collection is essential. Fortunately, advancements in sensor technology, software, and connectivity make it easier than ever to capture data that was previously inaccessible. The right data management solution empowers companies to collect edge data easily and cost-effectively.

But raw data is only the first step. Service providers need a solution that can capture and contextualize all relevant data, providing meaningful insights for analysts. Eliminating barriers to secure data sharing is also crucial for building a collaborative "connected industry" of the future.

CONNECT data services empowers companies to capitalize on the opportunities presented by real-time asset monitoring. It offers reduced costs and risks by enabling cost-effective monitoring of assets outside a company's primary network. Cloud-native scalability allows the data management solution to effortlessly grow alongside evolving needs. Real-time data aggregation seamlessly pulls data from industrial IoT devices, sensors, and legacy systems. This secure cloud-based data hub provides authorized users with secure access to contextualized data, anywhere, anytime.

Faster, more accurate services are another benefit. Equipment suppliers and service providers gain real-time access to original-fidelity customer data. Additionally, CONNECT data services reduces IT burden with pre-integration with AVEVA PI System and robust security measures, minimizing IT infrastructure and maintenance needs.

The benefits of CONNECT data services extends beyond cost savings and efficiency gains. It empowers industrial service providers to become strategic partners for their clients. By leveraging real-time data and predictive insights, service providers can proactively address customer needs and recommend solutions that optimize performance and prevent downtime.

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