3 new add-ons offer greater engineering efficiency for AVEVA™ E3D Design users

Posted: September 20, 2021

As part of our ongoing imperative to drive sustainable business value through engineering efficiency,  we are pleased to announce the launch of three additional add-ons to AVEVA E3D Design, namely; AVEVA™ E3D Whitespace Optimizer, AVEVA™ Model Simplification and AVEVA™ Native Model Simplification, and 3DfindIT.com. 

“A disturbingly large percentage of projects still fail to complete on time or to budget” 1

“An analysis by McKinsey suggests that existing digital technologies, when applied comprehensively, can reduce overall project costs by as much as 45 percent” 2

AVEVA E3D Design enables clash-free, multi-discipline, 3D engineering design. Each add-on has been carefully considered and developed to increase the  efficiency that can be gleaned in the design phase of a project. This helps to promote a faster, more sustainable design cycle for both greenfield and brownfield projects. 

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AVEVA E3D Whitespace Optimizer

While automated drawing production is an excellent way to rapidly and efficiently produce vast numbers of technical drawings, in many cases the drawings generated require additional supervision and editing to ensure that annotations are correctly located within the drawing’s available blank and empty spaces – drawing whitespace. AVEVA Whitespace Optimizer, released in June 2021, finds and utilizes the drawing whitespace in engineering drawing sheets to clean-up automatically produced drawings. Achieved using AI and advanced algorithms, it is designed to place drawing annotations in the most optimal whitespace positions with little to no user interaction required, saving time and effort at the pointy end of project delivery. 


AVEVA Model Simplification & AVEVA Native Model Simplification

AVEVA Model Simplification and AVEVA Native Model Simplification, released in June 2020, enable users to import complex 3D models of equipment items which have been created in external Mechanical CAD (MCAD) systems as simplified 3D assets into AVEVA E3D Design, reducing design data and vastly improving software performance.

3DfindIT.com Plugin

Released in May 2021, 3DfindIT.com is a free add-on to AVEVA E3D Design. It provides embedded access to CADENAS’ vast library of vendor-supplied, mechanical equipment models and data, which can be effortlessly integrated into 3D plant and ship models. More information on our partnership with CADENAS can be found here.

“We at AVEVA are passionate about creating and promoting sustainable business value, and the continued development of new AVEVA E3D Design capabilities are a manifestation of that passion. They each provide designers with intuitive, easy-to-use tools to carve out greater engineering efficiency during the iterative design phases of a project’s life, helping to deliver projects on time and budget, digitally.”

-Brian Hughes,
Senior Portfolio Manager, Design & Execute, AVEVA

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