Sharing data: The key to building a connected data ecosystem in oil and gas

Posted: October 5, 2023

An interview with AVEVA Oil and Gas Industry Principal, Stan Devries.

The future of oil and gas is a connected one. In the face of unprecedented market volatility and new challenges stemming from supply-chain disruption, geopolitical upheaval, and general economic uncertainties, the industry is increasingly looking for stability and resiliency. This stability and resiliency relies upon an industrial connected data ecosystem. With its capacity to seamlessly bring together stakeholders from across the sector, a connected data ecosystem has clear benefits for oil and gas companies: increased collaboration, enhanced decision-making, and optimized efficiency. 

However, the transition to a connected data ecosystem requires the right strategy and technology. There are country-specific regulations to wrestle with and contractual obligations to sort out. And there is the most important question: how to begin? Daniel Gaeta sat down with Stan Devries, AVEVA Oil and Gas Industry Principal, to discuss some of the most pressing issues in relation to the adoption of the connected data ecosystem. 

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