The industrial intelligence platform with everything you need: Experience the CONNECT effect

Posted: March 27, 2024

AVEVA™ Connect is now CONNECT.

CONNECT is still the leading industrial intelligence platform you know – with a new name – and better than ever.

CONNECT brings together the industrial ecosystem with data, AI and deep domain expertise for greater sustainability and efficiency. Access trusted intelligence, gain actionable insights and empower your ecosystem all from one unified experience.

An open and neutral platform, CONNECT provides rich data insights for your unified industrial ecosystem. Covering the full breadth and depth of the industrial lifecycle and built by the industrial experts, CONNECT offers data and visualization services, modeling and analytics capabilities, application development services, as well as service and usage management.

In April, you will see some changes in the CONNECT UI and we will be unveiling our new CONNECT Experience, which will include a view of our CONNECT ecosystem of partners, access to key resources to get you started with CONNECT and related services, and more.

With the CONNECT Experience you can:

  • Learn about what is available through CONNECT
  • Access all CONNECT resources in one place
  • Get started quickly and easily with all the information you need at your fingertips
  • Find partners to grow your ecosystem and add value

Will this change the way I use CONNECT?

Your experience using CONNECT will not change, and you can continue to use the application in the same way that you are used to. Access and manage the services that power your industrial ecosystem. Discover partners and resources to help you maximize value.

When you visit CONNECT you will see that the logo and some of our icons have changed, but you can still expect the same experience in accessing your applications, managing your account and Flex credits, and visiting our services catalog.

Additionally, we are aligning all native CONNECT platform services to a similar naming convention as the applications become part of the CONNECT UI. For this reason, AVEVA Data Hub is becoming CONNECT data services.

You will begin to see references to CONNECT data services on our web pages as we launch our new CONNECT branding. In a few months, you will also see changes within the product user interface of AVEVA Data Hub to align to the new CONNECT data services name.

What else can I expect from CONNECT?

The CONNECT ecosystem is growing to include new and exciting partnerships. Preview some of our applications and services covering the full industrial lifecycle, available on CONNECT today. In the future you can expect more resources, and opportunities to bring your ecosystem together from one place. Furthermore, we are working to build this out into a formal marketplace in the future.

We are thrilled to introduce CONNECT to you and are glad to have you on this journey with us.

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