What hybrid deployment means for the engineering and design of capital projects

Posted: May 30, 2024

The term “hybrid” often appears in marketing materials. What do we make of the prevalence? Is it simply one more adjective destined to lose its meaning after platitudinous repetitions? We regularly hear about hybrid cars (many of us are even likely to own one ourselves), and in the post-pandemic workplace, we hear a lot regarding hybrid working environments. But what about hybrid deployment of industrial software? What does it mean, and more importantly what does it mean for those that use it?

At AVEVA, our mission is to drive responsible use of the world resources by connecting you, our users, with trusted information to spark your industrial ingenuity, and ultimately to help you create a more sustainable future. Since you’re reading one of our blogs, you can’t have been too surprised to see the focus of this discussion about hybrids move towards software.

Hybrid software deployment, defined

When we talk about hybrid deployment of software, we mean having tools that straddle both cloud and on-premises deployment. Analogous to our hybrid car discussed earlier, hybrid deployment allows for advantages that would not have been possible in a singular, non-hybrid deployment.

Benefits of hybrid deployments for capital projects

In the case of our integrated 1D, 2D, and 3D engineering and design tools in AVEVA™ Unified Engineering, hybrid deployment means the use of software tools both on-premises and in the cloud. AVEVA Unified Engineering takes the power and convenience of on-premises solutions and augments them with cloud capabilities by storing project data centrally in the cloud.

When compared to non-hybrid deployments, we’ve found that cloud-based project data:

  • Allows teams to work collaboratively from almost anywhere with access to the same central project database.
  • Results in significantly faster global project handover times
  • Reduces time spent on global administration maintenance
  • Enables near-real-time synchronization on complex projects across engineering disciplines.[i]

To learn more about our integrated 1D, 2D, 3D engineering and design, and if a hybrid deployment may be able to add efficiency to your project teams, speak with an expert at AVEVA today.

[i] “Accenture's trial of AVEVA Unified Engineering delivers significant results.” (10 Aug 2023). Retrieved from https://www.aveva.com/en/perspectives/blog/accentures-trial-of-aveva-unified-engineering-delivers-significant-results/.

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