Pumping up efficiency: AVEVA™ System Platform improves NIS-AD operations

NIS-AD (NIS) is one of the largest vertically integrated energy companies in all of Southeast Europe. Its principal activities include exploration, production and refining, sales, and distribution of a broad range of petroleum products. It also deals with the implementation of energy projects.

While NIS is headquartered in Novi Sad, its main production capacities are located throughout the Republic of Serbia, which is the main hub for trade and investment in the Balkans. Recently, NIS expanded its business operations to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria, but at the time, its operational efficiency was limited by its current system.

NIS oil fields are geographically spread across 15,000 km2, mainly within the northern province of Vojvodina. With a growing number of locations and a variety of integrated equipment, NIS sought a customized solution that would collect data from sources at many different locations, transfer that data back to the NIS headquarters in Novi Sad, and finally visualize the data in order to obtain actionable insights. It ultimately selected AVEVA.

“At first, the idea was quick expansion. We wanted to cover as many oil wells as possible to collect and gather the data without strong emphasis on standardization. However, with the release of AVEVA™ System Platform, that all changed.”

- Nenad Kovacevic, 
assistance and support engineer, Automatic Control Engineering

Growing the right way with AVEVA

Today, NIS-AD leverages AVEVA™ System Platform, AVEVA™ InTouch HMI, AVEVA™ Measurement Advisor, and AVEVA™ Reports for Operations within its operations. The core components of the system are located at its command center in Novi Sad, however, NIS’s AVEVA solution has affected oil production throughout the entire province.

The solution spans 64 total platforms, with 40 supervisory clients alongside 25 InTouch Access Anywhere clients for remote access. A centralized deployment strategy at NIS has enabled enterprise-wide standardization compliance across processes, functional teams, and sites.

Additionally, automatically propagating changes systematically across projects helps NIS reduce risk and downtime during deployment and commissioning. The solution has also improved situational awareness for NIS operators by managing the facility via real-time parameters.

“Thanks to AVEVA System Platform, it was really easy to integrate all our different equipment. Because what I saw was that AVEVA is hardware agnostic. That was really essential and, thanks to its features, we were able to integrate what was already in our fields.”

Aleksander Stasuk, chief engineer, industrial automation, measurement and ICT, NIS AD

NIS-AD’s next steps

These AVEVA-driven benefits have translated to significant savings. In addition to a 300% loss reduction, NIS realized a 20% reduction in staff labor costs since partnering with AVEVA. Its operational overhaul has also led to a 0.2% increase in overall production.

No matter how vast its operations, NIS knows it has a trusted partner in AVEVA. With a highly scalable solution in place, it will look to continue building upon its system as new challenges present themselves.

“In the course of implementation of the field management system, we have already received a loss reduction of up to 300 percent. This is achieved by reducing downtime through rapid response decision-making.”

Aleksander Stasuk, chief engineer, industrial automation, measurement and ICT, NIS AD

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