AVEVA™ Production Management 2023

Posted: September 13, 2023

For over 20 years, AVEVA Production Management (formerly Ampla) has been empowering workers with end-to-end value chain visibility and streamlined business processes. AVEVA Production Management 2023 builds on this success by connecting workers on the go with a new web-based user interface. Built for mobility and unified operations centers, its suite of exciting enhancements helps value chains become more accurate, productive, and sustainable.

New web client

The new web client boosts efficiency for busy operators and supervisors, whether they are in the control room or on the move. Its modern, user-friendly interface makes logging shift information and classifying events a breeze. Compatible with modern browsers, it’s optimized for touch interactions on tablets, empowering workers to be efficient on the go.

AVEVA Production Management Web Client

With navigation-in-context scenarios from AVEVA™ Unified Operations Center, users gain higher operational awareness and effortlessly access information to respond to critical situations quickly. 

Unified Operations Center (UOC) integration

Our new web client provides seamless worker productivity enhancements and complements the existing Production Analyst client application, which excels at deep data analysis and administrative tasks.

Microsoft Teams integration

Our new web client is now integrated with Microsoft Teams, bringing you event notifications and supercharged collaboration for lightning-fast issue resolution.

We know how crucial collaboration and timely updates are, and with this innovative integration, your daily workflows will get a major boost. Get ready to receive real-time notifications within AVEVA Production Management on your workstation or tablet—including direct links to take immediate action—and you’ll never miss a beat again!

Sharing events with your team has also never been easier. Streamline completion of routine tasks. Connect and empower your workforce to collaborate effortlessly and tackle challenges together as a team. 

Microsoft Teams integration

Get ready to experience a whole new level of operational efficiency and responsiveness with our new web client integrated with Microsoft Teams.

Remote DB support

New deployment options can now host all of your supporting databases—config, data, state, and extras—remotely. The newly added support for remote databases allows you to leverage the multiple benefits a centralized IT infrastructure can provide. Configurable outage management features help you mitigate the impact of temporary database unavailability by maintaining data integrity and minimizing disruptions in case of such events.​

Multiple time zone and DST support

For larger enterprises with distributed multisite operations, it’s likely that time zones and daylight saving time (DST) changes vary across regions. This release adds the ability to associate each period with a time zone, ensuring accurate time representation for each location. Flexible DST customization and filtering automatically account for daylight-saving changes and ensure accurate time changes, no matter which country and time zone you are in.

Time-weighted average variables

The new time-weighted average variable provides an advanced calculation method that considers both the numeric value and the time spent at that value within a time window. This feature takes the time-weighted average feature that is already available in the Production module and makes it available to any module and advanced variable configurations.

Security enhancements

Updates to AVEVA Production Management services allow the application to be run with lower-level privileges, reducing the risks associated with cybersecurity threats and attacks.

Experience the benefits of the new web client, leverage Microsoft Teams integration, or explore the latest deployment options and features in AVEVA Production Management 2023. Reach out to our team of experts—we’re here to assist you and ensure you make the most of our industry-leading solutions.

For more information, visit our AVEVA Production Management page.


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