Customers share the value of real-time data visualization at AVEVA World 2023

Posted: January 18, 2024

San Francisco, California was the site of AVEVA World 2023, an annual forum for the developers, users, and sellers of industrial software. Attendees shared their challenges, insights, and deployment successes. Several customer-led talks at the conference highlighted their success using data visualization tools, notably AVEVA™ PI Vision™.

So what is AVEVA PI Vision?

This flagship data visualization tool for AVEVA™ PI System™ is an easy-to-use, web-based dashboarding tool tailored to industrial needs. Organizations across many industries use AVEVA PI Vision to provide their enterprises’ data users with self-service visualization and analysis of their real-time industrial data.

It includes straightforward web and mobile interfaces for rapidly building, managing and sharing reusable, real-time displays without programming. Users can also conduct on-the-fly monitoring and investigation of industrial assets and process events by simply dragging, dropping, and configuring analyses in an ad hoc environment.

AVEVA PI Vision is complementary to AVEVA’s other data visualization tools. It’s the PI ProcessBook alternative. With native integration to AVEVA PI Server, the industry standard for real-time data management, AVEVA PI Vision is the fastest, easiest way to visualize AVEVA PI Server data.

At the conference, we heard from dozens of AVEVA customers across various industries. Many spoke about their AVEVA PI System solutions, with an emphasis on the value of user-defined visualization. A few of these presentations are discussed here. Follow the links to see the full recordings and hear more about each company’s data visualization and analytics successes.

ČEZ Group saves money through real-time equipment monitoring with AVEVA PI Vision

ČEZ Group, a leading European energy group, set out to reduce the cost and effort of equipment monitoring with real-time vibration and temperature data. ČEZ used AVEVA PI System to collect, access and analyze data from 3,000 sensors across its fleet of 186 systems. The company used AVEVA PI Vision to visually present the data in over 500 user-defined displays and customized dashboards. Using integrated solutions for operations data management and visualization has reduced the number of workers required for equipment monitoring and enabled specialists to focus on other value-added tasks. The project has already had a positive impact on the company’s financial results.

AVEVA PI Vision display Figure 1: In this AVEVA PI Vision display, ČEZ can see the color-coded conditions of all devices for the last 24 hours. With this holistic view, technicians can easily identify and focus on suspicious cases, represented in orange and red on the display.

Meridian Energy puts its data into context with AVEVA PI Vision

Meridian Energy, New Zealand’s largest renewable energy generator, lacked the necessary visibility into its hydro energy generating assets and operating metrics, leading to forced outages.

Using AVEVA PI Server’s asset framework, Meridian Energy created event frames for each unit’s stopping sequence and performed analytics on raw data to gain insights into operating metrics. Meridian Energy staff accessed this contextualized information in AVEVA PI Vision, which displayed data points, trends, and visuals of hydro unit stopping sequences. This system provided insights into component-level conditions and enabled degradation monitoring over time. Meridian saw several benefits from the effort, including increased asset transparency, which reduced the need for plant outages to perform analytics. The centralized platform enabled the company to present data at different depths to accommodate all levels of interest.

AVEVA PI Vision display Figure 2: In this AVEVA PI Vision display, Meridian Energy presents unit speeds and data captured during key, user-defined events, alongside the events’ duration, twelve-month rolling average trends, and other important aggregations and values.

Vale makes progress on sustainability goals with AVEVA PI Vision

Vale, a global mining company, began a digital transformation to accelerate its sustainability goals. Vale wanted to decrease or eliminate its environmental negative impacts, environmental fines, operational stoppages and employee risk exposure.

Vale centralized all 35 of its environmental monitoring stations’ real-time data in AVEVA PI System.

The company designed dozens of user-friendly dashboards with AVEVA PI Vision, which allow teams to interpret data quickly and effectively. This approach reduced the average distance traveled monthly for maintenance from 600km to 200km, as well as the average time spent collecting and reporting air quality data from over five hours to just two minutes. Vale mitigated the risks of fines, reduced vehicle carbon emissions, increased effective operator work time, and created a data-driven and innovation culture. 

Aveva pi vision Figure 3: Vale uses AVEVA PI Vision’s ad hoc trends to easily compare information coming from the same or different stations, work that was not easily done at Vale prior to having AVEVA PI System.
Aveva pi vision Figure 4: Vale built AVEVA PI Vision displays showing CO2 emissions and all the variables involved in the calculations.

Many other industrial companies presented their use of AVEVA PI Vision for data visualization and analytics success at the conference. You can now see the entire agenda and watch recorded presentations from AVEVA World 2023.

If you’d like to learn more about how AVEVA PI Vision provides real-time industrial data visualization and empowers data users throughout the industrial world, check out our upcoming webinar, “Visualizing operations across the enterprise: How self-service tools accelerate real-time insight.”

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