What's next for oil & gas in today's industry uncertainties

Posted: June 23, 2020

IBM has teamed with OGGN (O&G Global Network) as a lead sponsor of the Oil & Gas Tech Podcast, which is the #1 Oil & Gas Podcast in the world. Hosted by Mark LaCour from OGGN, the guests to the podcast OGIT047 included Harpreet Gulati – Senior Vice President of Planning & Operations Business of AVEVA, and Z Habib – Vice President, Global Industry Leader - Chemicals and Petroleum Industries of IBM Industry Platform.

IBM and AVEVA are two crucial global software suppliers for the O&G industry. Harpreet Gulati and Z Habib discussed the disruptors and impacts in the O&G supply chain caused by the worldwide pandemic aligned with the oil price crisis. We live in an unprecedented situation with multiple factors that are impacting the O&G business. In this podcast, they discussed the elements required for O&G companies to become nimble, sustainable, and ready to recover.

Digital Transformation is now more critical than ever as inefficiencies tolerated in the past are no longer acceptable. Remote work must be enabled, and digital technology must be applied to empower workers to act with agility and more efficient collaboration. AI is also a dominant trend that provides the opportunity to explore data captured and create more solutions in the current volatile market. Feedstock purchase, production planning, power management, and inventory optimization are some of the aspects discussed in this podcast to support work transformation in O&G.

Listen to the podcast to learn from Harpreet Gulati and Z Habib, two of the biggest market and technology experts in the O&G industry as they discuss real cases from digitally prepared companies like BP, ADNOC, and WoodGroup, and give their recommendations about what O&G companies can do NOW to handle the current situation better and prepare for the future.

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