ArcelorMittal’s integrated remote operations center

Increasing iron ore production without additional capital investments

ArcelorMittal Mining Canada G.P. (AMEM) is a major Canadian supplier of iron ore products. To meet customer demands, it had to increase production from 16 million to over 24 million metric tons. But its only loading facility was designed for smaller ships and couldn’t be expanded. So, the company implemented AVEVA™ PI System™ to use its existing infrastructure and capital investments more efficiently. Its integrated remote operations center (IROC) integrates data across operations—from pit to port—so they run as efficiently as possible.

“There is only one loading facility. We had to push more ore through with no additional capital investments. All we could do was apply a bit of smarts to what we had and see what we could do.”

Michel Plourde, Director of Innovation and Technology, ArcelorMittal

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