H1 Title of Blog

Posted: Month Day, Year

Above Left and Right Columns

  • Use Column Control = 100%, and add the Breadcrumb component.
  • Show the Breadcrumbs: Home > Perspectives > Blogs, but hide the final page breadcrumb the blog title because it is too long to show in a breadcrumb. End the breadcrumb with "Blogs".
    • To hide the final breadcrumb, open the Breadcrumb component, and check "Hide Current Page".

Left Column 

  • Use Text for the body content.
  • Image, Video, or Quote components may be displayed in the left column.

Right Column

  • Use an existing Experience Fragment for the author's picture and Bio. (Use Biography component to create a new item, if this is the blog author's first post. Then, convert it to an XF.)
  • Use an existing Experience Fragment for the Social Media Sharing component.
  • Include the Associated Tags component to display any tags associated to the page. 

Below Left and Right Columns

  • Add Card Carousel to display related blog posts