AVEVA™ Production Accounting is now available on CONNECT: What this means for your sustainability strategy

Posted: March 02, 2023

Building sustainable operations isn’t a new goal for the oil and gas and petrochemicals industries—but it is difficult. Both directly and indirectly, the oil and gas industry is responsible for 42% of global emissions. While grim, this statistic highlights the opportunity for industrial operations to have a massive impact on carbon emissions and climate change. The desire is there, with a recent report by SAP and Oxford Economics revealing that 66% of energy and utilities companies believe that a sustainable supply chain is a competitive differentiator. However, 50% of respondents said that increased process complexity is an obstacle to meeting sustainability goals.

Production accounting is already incredibly complex, and that’s without the pressures of the energy transition and sustainability. AVEVA Production Accounting removes the complexities around production accounting and gives users the tools they need to increase sustainability, reduce their carbon footprint, and ultimately reach net-zero goals.

With AVEVA Production Accounting now available on CONNECT, our industrial cloud platform, your teams can how have enterprise-wide access to the software anywhere with an internet connection. The new cloud access means your teams have better visibility into inflows and outflows, so they can monitor loss and use and ultimately reduce carbon emissions—from any location.

Additionally, in this release, your teams can:

  • Simultaneously reconcile mass and volume to identify and monitor true material loss and enable plant-wide reconciliation of all products and yields, energy indexes, equipment performance, and other KPIs.
  • Improve their decision-making processes and redirect maintenance and resources toward faulty devices while improving the accuracy of the LP model to optimize profitability.
  • Eliminate information silos and integrate critical business processes across operations to make results available anytime and anywhere.
  • Cost-effectively perform material balance reports to ensure accurate accounting.

Are you ready for anytime, anywhere access to AVEVA Production Accounting?

Learn more about the newest release and how it can help you reach your sustainability goals.

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