AVEVA Puts Cybersecurity at the Forefront of Your Digital Journey

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Industrial organizations are embracing the digital revolution at an increasing pace. Industrial software providers are developing new and/or optimizing their existing offerings to help their clients meet the challenges of the digital journey. Based on incidents during the last few years, governments worldwide have revamped guidelines and requirements to protect critical infrastructure and their citizens. Unfortunately, the same way innovative technology serves the common good, there are plenty of bad actors who use technology to try to inflict catastrophic damage to infrastructure, cyber systems and ultimately the citizenry.

At AVEVA, we recognize that together with safety, the most critical area to address during digital transformation is industrial cybersecurity. Our customers are rightfully sensitive to cybersecurity vulnerability. As the number of connected devices increases, the risk to maintaining secure operations also increases. AVEVA addresses your cybersecurity concerns in three very important ways:

  1. AVEVA adheres to strict cybersecurity compliance procedures during our software and solutions development, before it is installed at your site.
  2. AVEVA provides its clients with the ability to keep software up to date using our flex subscription plans after installation.
  3. AVEVA provides solutions like Unified Operation Center (UOC) that easily integrates IT and OT solutions to provide added confidence to your cybersecurity policies and procedures.

Cybersecurity compliance

As an established leader with over 40 years’ experience delivering industrial software portfolio, AVEVA recognizes that our customer’s data demands a stringent cybersecurity posture and the highest set of operating standards. We continuously monitor the changing security landscape of cryptography and cybersecurity to ensure that we offer the best available protections to our customers and their sensitive data. We build security from the ground up – using components that meet recognized standards and include enforced encryption.

AVEVA’s Cybersecurity Team manages a Secure Development Lifecycle process (SDL), governing the practices and procedures for all solution and service development efforts. This multi-phase process is based on IEC 62443 standards and includes requirements to continually monitor AVEVA’s solutions for violations of cybersecurity best practices, execute penetration testing to eliminate any vulnerabilities and comprehensively address the organization’s compliance and cybersecurity challenges.

We incorporate security protection into our system design and development process, including rigorous testing and validation. Security is integral to design and is fundamentally built into the AVEVA software services that support the operation of your systems.

The safety and security of your infrastructure and data is our top priority.

Keeping your software up to date has never been easier

The rationale for industrial modernization must include mitigating cybersecurity risks, in addition to adhering to new compliance measures, changes in capabilities and equipping an evolving workforce demography.  Avoid downtime and process interruption with operating system updates and our latest proven and enhanced software security features.

AVEVA™ Flex Subscription Program provides the flexibility in purchasing, accessing and deploying our industrial software portfolio. Removing the traditional barriers to software adoption, you are empowered to leverage leading technologies and respond to evolving market demands quicker. Besides helping align investments with value, you can make sure your system is protected with the latest security capabilities.

Test and Monitor Cybersecurity Using AVEVA Solutions

AVEVA gives you the tools to monitor, test and optimize your cybersecurity policies and procedures. Our Unified Operation Center, for example, provides the ability to easily visualize data, integrate video feeds and streamline decision making to respond quicker to any anomaly. Using our machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, AVEVA’s UOC easily integrates with alarm management systems and cybersecurity procedures, providing added confidence to safeguard your operations.

AVEVA’s Global Alliance Partners include top worldwide industry-leading organizations like Microsoft, Accenture and cybersecurity partner Virsec Systems. We work together with these partners to give our clients access to the best-in-class solutions to drive their digital transformation, but also to make sure we are delivering solution systems with the highest cybersecurity standards.

AVEVA has software solutions to guide your digital transformation journey. As we strive to provide state-of-the-art technology, we understand the paramount importance you give the safety and security of your people and operations. To learn more, visit our website.


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